Make-up hacks for every woman

Amany Abdel-Moneim, Saturday 29 Feb 2020

Reaching 40 and wanting to turn back the clock and look a few years younger? You’re not alone: many women have the same desire for a more youthful-looking appearance. Though we all can deal with dull skin, fine lines, dark circles and imperfections in some way or another, it can feel intimidating to navigate the make-up needs of mature skin on your own.  

Arm yourself with these life-changing make-up techniques that can knock years off your appearance instead:

Always use primer: 

Make a primer part of your daily beauty routine to breathe life back into your skin. By doing this, you can fight back against fine lines and imperfections, all the while creating a smooth and hydrated base for your foundation. 


Opt for a cream-based foundation:

As we age, our skin and its needs change, so a cream-based foundation should be one of your make-up staples. Liquid foundations are best for ensuring a smooth finish without drawing unwanted attention to fine lines and wrinkles. A powder formula doesn’t do any favours in the anti-aging game due to its tendency to settle into fine lines and crevices as the day goes on. Instead, opt for a cream-based formula to give your skin coverage and hydration all in one.


Level up your lashes:

Keep lashes long and defined. Always opt for a classic black formula, and choosing black mascara over brown can help ensure perfect eye make-up that can steal the show. 


Keep it warm:

To make the most of your make-up after 40, it’s crucial to opt for a less-is-more approach in terms of eye make-up. Warm, neutral and soft colours will help create the illusion of a natural glow and well-rested skin, while darker shadows and bright neons will only make the skin appear dull. Always look for eyeshadow with warm tones to ensure your skin will look as radiant and youthful as possible. 

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