Winter boot trends

Amany Abdel-Moneim, Tuesday 3 Dec 2019

Winter boots

It’s time to hide those kitten heels and strappy sandals and get your boot collection in order for the winter season.

This winter’s trends are moving away from unpractical footwear to items that are as comfortable as can be, yet still with some exceptional elements. The coolest shoe trends this winter are thus durable enough to get you through the season, and there’s a shift away from skinny stilettos and a preference for blockier heels. Flat footwear options are abundantly present, along with platforms and thick rubber soles.

From combat boots to knee-high boots, these are the winter boot trends to start shopping for now before the really cold weather arrives. Here are some of the top picks of boots this winter:

Platform heels

Platform heels: They come in a variety of colours with a textured rubber platform. It’s the only way to truly complete the 1970s vibe seen on the runways this winter.

Punk platform

Punk platforms: While heel platforms are steeped in 1970s vibes, flat platforms give a punk rock feel that hearkens back to the 1980s and 1990s. Models on runways have been seen wearing big shiny black punk boots with thick platform rubber soles appropriate for an active lifestyle.

Victorian lace-ups

Victorian lace-ups: A spot of lace running up the front of a boot makes any pair of boots, no matter how wildly designed, just a little bit classier. For a combination of trends there are boots with a zipper on the front flanked by a row of laces on each side.

Calf-hugging boots

Calf-hugging boots: This year, shoe-designers have chosen to make boot shafts out of stretchy materials, so they can hug the calves more tightly. This leads to a unique silhouette, although not necessarily an always comfortable one.

Furry boots

Furry boots: Fur is a key part of this season’s trends, including for shoes. Many designers have showcased boots covered in fur, suiting people living in cold climates.

Cowboy boots

Cowboy boots: Some boots this year have a particular cowboy vibe. These high-heeled boots perfect showcase the most beautiful elements of cowboy boots, while still looking chic and modern.

Winter wedge

Winter wedges: Another option for boot heels this winter are those fitted with wedges. They are as high and as glamorous as boots can be, but with a wedge that gives a bit more stability.

Suede and quilted-shell ankle boots

Suede and quilted-shell ankle boots: For a low-rise Scandinavian look, these boots have got everything you need and in every material. With a suede body, puffed shell ankle cuff, rubber sole and shearling lining, they check off all the cold-weather boxes. They also pair fantastically with outerwear made of similar fabrics, from down coats to leather jackets.

*A version of this article appears in print in the 5 December, 2019 edition of Al-Ahram Weekly.

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