Morning habits for effective weight loss

Amany Abdel-Moneim , Tuesday 22 Jun 2021

Making some tiny changes in your morning routine can help promote everything from your mood to your metabolism, which helps with weight loss

Morning habits for effective weight loss
Morning habits for effective weight loss

Still not losing weight despite making all the efforts required? Don’t beat yourself up, as you are not alone. Many people remain in a state of confusion as to why they are unable to lose weight despite all their efforts.

No doubt, losing weight is difficult. It takes dedication and hard work to commit to a new diet plan, let alone follow it perfectly amidst all the temptations around. Still, this plan does not have to involve a complete change of your regular diet and lifestyle. In fact, making some tiny changes in your morning routine can help promote everything from your mood to your metabolism, which helps with weight loss.

The way you shape your morning routine can have an impact on the shape of your figure. Waking up early, drinking enough water and eating a high-protein breakfast, among other healthy habits, can ensure that you boost your body’s ability to lose weight throughout the day. 

Here are some morning habits to incorporate into your daily routine to aid your weight-loss efforts

Weighing yourself: 

Stepping on the scales and weighing yourself first thing in the morning before you eat or drink is more accurate than checking later in the day. That visual reminder of your weight each morning can help you stick to your healthy eating plan. Studies have also found that daily self-weighing may be associated with more weight loss and increased restraint.


Drinking a glass of warm water: 

Starting your day with a glass or two of lukewarm water is an easy way to enhance weight loss. Drinking water can help in cleansing your digestive system, improving metabolism, and reducing appetite and calorie intake, as well as maintaining hydration levels in the body. You can also add some citrus flavour to the water such as lemon or sweeten it with honey to get your daily dose of antioxidants if the plain taste begins to bore you. 


Getting enough sleep:

Studies show that sleep deprivation may increase appetite and craving as well as calorie intake. Start your morning early after a long night’s sleep to enjoy increased activity levels and a smaller appetite throughout the day. 


Eating a high-protein and fibre breakfast:

It is the first meal of the day that gives a kickstart to your energy levels. Eating a healthy breakfast makes you feel fuller longer after you eat, reducing cravings and preventing excessive hunger in the later part of the day. 


Practising mindful eating:

Don’t watch TV or scroll through social media when you eat in the morning. Think about what you’re eating instead and breathe, relax and enjoy a peaceful meal. Some studies have found that mindfulness can increase weight loss and promote healthy eating. Those who have practised immersive mindful-eating strategies often have significantly lower body mass indexes (BMIs) than those who have not.


Working out before breakfast:

Morning exercise on an empty stomach can help in burning more body fat and contribute to weight loss in a more efficient way. Some studies have found that exercising in the morning can help keep blood sugar levels steady throughout the day. Low blood sugar can result in many negative symptoms, including excessive hunger.


Drinking coffee:

Coffee is widely enjoyed as a jumpstart for your metabolism in the morning. It also helps you focus on your weight-loss goals. Drinking coffee in the morning can enhance your metabolism and energy provided that you do not add sugar, cream or flavoured syrups.


Packing a snack:

Your body works like a machine that needs refuelling every few hours. Think of some quick and healthy snack options instead of reaching for unhealthy ones in order to appease any cravings. This will keep your metabolism racing as well as helping you to lose weight 


Getting some sun:

It has been scientifically proven that getting sunlight in the early morning for about 10 to 15 minutes can regulate the body’s circadian rhythms irrespective of how much sleep you get. As a result, your energy balance and hunger hormones are regulated and you don’t feel hungry quite as often. Sunlight can also help you meet your Vitamin D needs, which may help increase weight loss and prevent weight gain. 


Changing your commute:


More time spent sitting behind the wheel cuts down how much you walk every day, so you burn fewer calories. Research shows that walking, biking or using public transportation have all been associated with less weight gain and lower body weight and body fat compared to driving to work. So, try to park a few blocks away and walk to your destination every now and then.


*A version of this article appears in print in the 24 June, 2021 edition of Al-Ahram Weekly

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