Nail trends for 2022

Amany Abdel-Moneim , Tuesday 11 Jan 2022

Nails will be simple, easy to maintain and elegant this year. Square, round, semi-round, and almond type nails will be the most popular, as these are basic cuts and easy to produce

Nail trends for 2022
Nail trends for 2022

Our nails are part of our image, and they say a lot about us. As a result, we all have the desire to have them fixed. 

Recent years have seen the development of new and very sophisticated nail styles that can make nails look far from their true form. However, this year may be the year when we say goodbye to such models to create more elongated shapes. 

Nails will be simple and elegant this year, and they will be easy to maintain and suitable for any occasion. Square, round, semi-round and almond type nails will be the most popular, as these are basic cuts and easy to produce.

Among the designs that will be popular this year is the always reliable French manicure producing a classic outline for the nail in white or silver tones. But this year will also see other shades you know and love, such as neutral shades and sparkling metallics. It will also see colours like periwinkle and mint green, along with very peri, a fun periwinkle blue with purple undertones. 

This stunning deep periwinkle hue is perfect if you’re looking for something a little darker and moodier. Even so, neutral nails never go out of style, and they will also be popular this year. 

Here are some of the shades to watch for in 2022:

True blue:

Blues will be popular this year, as they look cool as a detail or worn as a block. For summer you can opt for electric blue. In winter, go for cobalt blues and rich deep blues.

Solar shades:

This year will be about colours that bring us joy. Gold, bronze, amber and marigold are all in this year.

Shades of green: 

From pistachio for springtime to palm green for summer to olive green for autumn, this year will see a full spectrum of green nail colours.

Grown-up glitter:

Sparkly shades are set to be one of the biggest nail-colour trends this year. Sparkle, glitter and metallic accents can be worn all year round in various ways depending on how subtle or daring you like to be. They can be worn as a minimal detail such as a tip or a dot or as part of a reverse French manicure.

Neutral shades:

Neutral shades are timeless, and in contrast to the nail art designs that ruled the roost in 2021, this year will see us opting for sheer, glossy and minimalist manicures. Clean cuticles, a nourished skin and a thin layer of a neutral shade to compliment your skin tone will be a trend in 2022.

Earth tones:

Earth tones can be used on their own or combined with other natural tones, creating minimalist designs. There is a wide range of brown tones, so choose the ones that best suit you. Don’t limit yourself if you are dark-skinned. There will still be one that will enhance your look.

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