Celebrating Easter

Amany Abdel-Moneim , Tuesday 19 Apr 2022

From coloured eggs to chocolates to dates, this Easter will showcase a variety of different foods since we’re also celebrating it during the holy month of Ramadan


With Easter just around the corner, it’s time to start planning all your favourite Easter activities. From coloured eggs to chocolates to dates, this Easter will showcase a variety of different food since we’re also celebrating it during the holy month of Ramadan. Each celebration carries its own history, traditions, and cuisine with it. 

From crafting to baking to egg-hunting, there’s so much fun to be had and so many elements of an Easter celebration that can bring joy to your home and keep the Easter spirit alive. Here are some creative and inspiring crafts to try at home.

Painting Easter eggs:

This timeless tradition is fun for all ages. The children will be entertained, and adults will relive fond childhood memories with this hands-on Easter craft. You can use a store-bought paint, a natural dye, glitter, or stickers to decorate your eggs. And once you’re done, you can display them, hide them, or even add them with other delicious Easter treats to your Suhour or Iftar meals for more fun. 


Sending Easter cards:

Brighten up someone’s day by making your own Easter cards and sending them to your friends and family. Personalised Easter cards are a great way to update friends and family on your life, and they allow you to get creative and work on your child’s writing skills as well.


Decorating the home:

More than just pretty decorations, Easter lilies are considered symbols of purity, new beginnings, and hope. In addition to your Ramadan decorations, think about displaying them in your home or bringing them to a friend to share in the spirit of Easter. You can also shop for Easter decorations in cheerful colours, like baskets overflowing with Easter eggs or friendly bunnies to fill your home with joy.


Making Easter treats:

Start a new tradition of baking this Easter by trying out a new baking recipe. Eggs in a nest or an Easter bunny or egg-shaped cookies that can be decorated as you wish are just some ideas you can try this year. Involve the kids by letting them make dessert items for your Easter feast or even help decorate your Easter treats.

Delivering an Easter basket:

It is better to give than to receive, and as we’re in Ramadan, the month of giving, think about working with your kids on putting together an Easter basket for a neighbour. This is a great way to involve your kids in giving to others and spending time together as a family doing it.


Making an Easter egg tree:

Decorate a tree indoors or outside with plastic Easter eggs and other spring decorations like paste ribbons or tissue paper flowers. You can do this with your kids, having family fun at the same time.


Easter egg hunting:

Have an Easter egg hunt at home with a twist. Try sticking little messages inside plastic eggs that tell your kids to do something fun like hopping like a bunny or singing a song while searching for the next egg. 


Creating a homemade Easter basket:

This unique centrepiece requires only some yarn, glue, water, and an inflated balloon to make. Combine the glue and water in a disposable bowl. Coat the yarn in the mixture and then wrap it around the balloon. Let it dry overnight. Then pop the balloon and remove the deflated pieces from the hardened yarn. Finally, press the top of your egg-shaped ornament inwards to create your basket. This is a perfect place to keep Easter treats on your table.


Making chocolate fondue:

Encourage your kids to share their Easter bunny with all the family. Melt down a chocolate bunny and dip marshmallows into a bubbling bowl of fondue.

*A version of this article appears in print in the 21 April, 2022 edition of Al-Ahram Weekly.

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