Summer to autumn style tips

Amany Abdel-Moneim , Tuesday 27 Sep 2022

The easiest way to make your summer pieces more autumn-appropriate is not to ditch them altogether, however, but instead to cook up new ways to wear them.

Summer to autumn style tips
Summer to autumn style tips

With each change in the seasons, there is always a transitional period in which Mother Nature gives us a little bit of both. Dressing for the transition from late summer to early autumn can be tricky. The easiest way to make your summer pieces more autumn-appropriate is not to ditch them altogether, however, but instead to cook up new ways to wear them.

Chances are that you have the foundation for a great autumn wardrobe already in your closet. Just by adding a few key pieces and wearing your summer staples in different ways, you can mitigate a frugal clothing budget. Luckily, there are non-expensive ways to survive in style. By adding darker colours, richer textures, and a little added warmth, your summer clothes can get to stick around for another season while you save money to splurge on functional winter clothes.

Here are some ways to stretch your wardrobe and make your old favourites work until the winter.

Bring out the basics:

Favourite pieces can work for almost all temperatures if you twist the styling. Re-wearing the same pieces throughout the year can also help in creating a consistent through-line to your look. Think of your basic solid-coloured T-shirts and flowing peasant blouses as the building blocks for your wardrobe.

Swap colours:

Add deeper, richer, and more saturated hues. You can even wear pastel colours by mixing and matching them with darker ones to make them feel more autumn and winter-appropriate.

Layer up:

Not only does layering help keep you cosy in the changing temperatures, but it also creates brand-new looks from pieces you already have, saving you both time and money. There are many options for autumn outerwear that can transform your summer styles: a blazer over a romper or a tunic, for example, or a cardigan over tights or skinny jeans. A chunky cardigan over a summer dress or a leather jacket over a tank top can also look great.

Throw on a scarf:

Whether you’re planning to wear a T-shirt, romper, or summer dress into autumn, adding a scarf can be just the trick to make it season-appropriate. A scarf in a darker colour can give your look more of an autumn vibe.

Swap your shoes:

The easiest way to slowly move your summer wardrobe into autumn is to switch to shoes that have more coverage without going full on to boots. Invest in perforated booties or ones with open toes, as they’re easier to style for warmer weather than solid, closed-toe versions. 

Wear tights:

Adding tights to your outfit can be a fun way to play with pattern, colour, and texture to extend the life of your favourite summer outfits. A pair of tights can make your short summer dresses still work for autumn. 

Switch to a transitional handbag:

Look for lighter colours like tan or taupe. If you’re ready to bring out your black winter handbag, add a colourful crossbody strap to lighten the look.

Ignore the rules:

Sometimes rules can limit the scope of your autumn wardrobe. Feel free to wear white or even your favourite open-toed booties with coloured tights. Don’t spend too much time thinking about whether or not an outfit is autumn-appropriate. It should be weather-appropriate and make you feel great regardless of the rules.

*A version of this article appears in print in the 29 September, 2022 edition of Al-Ahram Weekly.

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