Inji’s Drawings

Nagwa El-Ashri, Tuesday 3 Dec 2019

Inji Efflatoun
Inji Efflatoun

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) Art Exhibitions and Collections Department, affiliated to the Cultural Outreach Sector, yesterday inaugurated  an exhibition of works by the late Inji Efflatoun entitled “Inji’s Drawings” at the BACC West Exhibition Hall.

The exhibition showcases 40 original pieces donated to the BA by the artist’s family.

Inji Efflatoun (1924 -1989) is one of the leading third-generation figures of the art movement in Egypt. Her paintings of rural Egypt are especially venerated.

She was born in Cairo in 1924 into a traditional Muslim family she described as "semi-feudal and bourgeois", her father being an entomologist and landowner, and her mother was a French-trained dress-designer who served in the Egyptian Red Crescent’s women’s committee. She discovered Marxism at the Lycée Français du Caire. It was her private art tutor Kamel Al-Tilmisani who introduced her to the struggles of Egyptian peasants. Al-Tilmisani was one of the founders of the “Art and Freedom Group”, a surrealist movement that would have an impact on Efflatoun’s artistic development.

The exhibition will remain on view until 16 December.  


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