Maged Mekhail shows sculptures and paintings at Karim Francis

Reham El-Adawi , Tuesday 7 Nov 2023

Maged Mekhail shows sculptures and paintings at Karim Francis gallery
Maged Mekhail shows sculptures and paintings at Karim Francis gallery



Arkan Plaza, Extension of Sheikh Zayed District, Giza, Tel 010 66860098/010 66500748

“Tribute to Goerge Bahgory” exhibition is celebrating Goerge Bahgory, who has inspired generations of artists with his diverse and brilliant works. Through painting, caricature, and writing, Bahgory has shown his mastery of various artistic mediums and his unique vision of Egyptian culture and heritage. The show features 22 artists who showcase their own works that reflect their admiration and gratitude for Bahgory’s influence and legacy 

(28 October- 18 November).



Cairo Opera Complex

Gezira Exhibition Grounds, Zamalek

Salah Taher gallery

Tel 02 2739 0132/0144

Exhibition of painting by Ahmed Selim

(closing 11 November).

Exhibition of painting by Khaled El-Amir (11-16 November). 

Music Library (Ziad Bakir) gallery

Exhibition of painting by Nadia El-Sharqawi (9-16 November).

Palace of Arts

“The Beginnings” exhibition of painting by Lina Osama 

(5-16 November).    



Gezira Arts Centre

1 Al-Sheikh Al-Marsafi St, Zamalek, Tel 02 2737 3298

Al-Hussein Fawzi Hall

“Very Expensive” exhibition of metal artworks by Safaa Attia

(8-18 November). 


Italian Cultural Institute

3 El-Sheikh El Marsafy St, Zamalek, Tel 02 2735 5423/2735 8791

UNFPA’S 6th Community Arts Festival is on. The festival forms a platform for diverse artistic and cultural expressions in addition to empowering young people to explore innovative methods while raising awareness regarding population issues. This year, under the theme “Volunteerism” the festival will feature theatrical performances, musical shows, and short films by various youth groups from across the country. This edition is presented by Etijah, in partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, ZAD Art Team, and with the support of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). The festival will take place from 11 to 20 November, and special performances will be held in the Italian Cultural Institute on 12 and 13 November, 6pm. 




Italian/Egyptian Centre for Restoration and Antiquities (CIERA)  

31 Al Suyuffeya St, Al Helmeya, Cairo, visitors are welcomed by appointments so contact the manager Mr. Salah Ramadan 0100 8716067

Architectural complex of the Mevlevi Dervish “Samaa Khana, Restorations and Restorers” permanent exhibition of the activities of the working/formation sites for the restoration and recovery of the monuments. Visitors are welcomed during the opening hours determined by the Ministry of Antiquities.



Karim Francis 

1 Al-Sherifein St, 3rd St right off Kasr Al-Nile St, Downtown, Tel 0100 667 4823

“The Valley” exhibition of sculptures and paintings by Maged Mekhail (closing 16 November). 



Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art

15 Mahmoud Bassiouny St, Downtown, Cairo, Tel 02 2578 4494, open daily from 11am to 8pm except Friday

“Every Street, A Story” exhibition by Amre Heiba and Yasmine Shash showcases a captivating dialogue between two generations through their prints collection (22 October - 22 November).

“0112223” a 5-day exhibition showcasing the work of artist and designer Ja.lizah, the exhibition chronicles the Dutch-Jamaican artist’s self-reinvention journey with her wearable artifacts on display alongside her sound-and-film dreamscapes.
Taking visual inspiration from both Egypt and South Africa, the artefacts are a culmination of Ja.lizah’s personal journey over the last few years which has brought her to both countries 

(26- 30 November).



Medrar for Contemporary Art 

7 Gamal Al-Din Abu-El Mahassen St, First Floor, Apartment 4, Garden City, Cairo, everyday (except Friday) from 4 to 9pm, Tel 02 27957714

“Roznama” exhibition 9th edition with the participation of the Italian Raffaella Frascarelli (Nomas Foundation). This edition includes 33 artists (closing 15 November). 


Pyramids of Giza

The Giza Plateau, Al-Ahram  

“Forever Is Now” exhibition’s third edition was launched in the vicinity of the Pyramids. The exhibition highlights the importance of cultural exchange among artists and showcases the position of human creativity at the heart of history and ancient Egyptian civilization. It brings together 14 artists from the region and various countries worldwide to engage artistically with one of the most iconic historical landmarks, offering contemporary artworks that blend the present with the past, all while echoing history, the land, the environment, and humanity (26 October-18 November).



Zamalek Art gallery

11 Brazil St, Zamalek, Tel 02 2735 1240

Venue I & Venue II

Exhibition of painting by Mostafa Abdel-Moaaty with the guest of honour artist Rabab Nemr (5-21 November). 



Yassin art gallery 














159, 26th July St, Behind Diwan Bookstore, Zamalek, Tel 01271170035

Exhibition of pottery by artist Hany Mandour 

(closing 15 November). 





Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Port Said St, Chatby, Alexandria 21526, Tel (03) 4839999 

Archeological Museum

A permanent exhibition on the results of the Archaeological Mission of the University of Turin in Nelson Island.

* A version of this article appears in print in the 9 November, 2023 edition of Al-Ahram Weekly


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