Cervantes Institute’s Virtual Reading Club features poet Luis Garcia Montero

Reham El-Adawi , Tuesday 9 Jun 2020

Luis Garcia Montero
Luis Garcia Montero

The American University in Cairo

Thurs 11, 1-2pm:“Returning to Campus: When and How”, join the AUC for the next virtual campus conversation that  will be moderated by Ghada Barsoum(MA'99), associate professor, Department of Public Policy and Administration.
Watch live here: https://www.aucegypt.edu/streaming


Mon 15, 2- 3pm: “William W. Brown International Buisness Leadership Webinar: Getting Ready for Change”, in this webinar, Johan Roos, chief academic officer and professor of HULT International Business School, will talk about how to frame the theoretical problem, and what leaders should think of in order to cultivate readiness for change in organizations. Ahmed Abdel Meguid, associate professor and associate dean for undergraduate studies and administration, AUC School of Business, will moderate the discussion.


El-Beit magazine

Thurs 11, 2pm: Al-Ahram’s El-Beit magazine’s live online salon on its Facebook page honours the memory of late legendary sculptor Adam Henein (1929-2020). The salon features a galaxy of artists: Farouk Hosny, Akram El-Magdoub, Essam Darwish, moderated byEl-Beit magazine Chief-Editor Sawsan Mourad.      


Cervantes Institute

The Virtual Reading Club of Cervantes Institute, which provides the opportunity to read and discuss a literary book via the Internet, continues in June with the poet and professor of literature at Granada University and world head of the Cervantes Institutes Luis Garcia Montero.

Participants will read "Stronger Than Life Love", a selection of poems by Jaime Gil de Biedma, one of the most prominent Spanish poets whose name was given to the library of the Instituto Cervantes in Alexandria.

Initially, participants will be able to read the aforementioned poems until 14 June, after which the discussion about the work will continue, then a meeting between the participating readers will be held with Montero via the Internet on 29 June.

The reading club is a platform to read a set of distinguished works from the Spanish and Latin American literature that speak the Spanish language, and then discuss them via the Internet with the aim of encouraging reading at any time and from anywhere.

TheInstitutein Cairo has modified its course programme to suit the current circumstances by offering its courses online in a way that has met with great success among students.

Within this framework, after the month of Ramadan, it offers various courses: a course in Spanish, a course in improving grammar, speaking, writing, so that learning Spanish is among the activities that students carry out in their homes to endure this period.The registration period for tests of the Diploma in Spanish (DELE) as a foreign language, the only officially accredited certificates for Spanish as a foreign language and as a second language, in each corresponding level, has been extended until 17 June. TheInstitutecontinues to encourage its students to read during this period of lockdown by providing links to many of the works included in the electronic library of Cervantes Institute’s branches.


The French Cultural Institute

The Instituteadvises you to stay at home to prevent coronavirus and to protect your loved ones.It offers you a variety of entertainment and educational proposals to do in your home alone or with your family.
Through the # of the French Institute, in Egypt, withyou, at home, the institute will share withnew information through which you can discover several fields, including: museums, audio-visual media, heritage, dance, science, education and language.Be on time with the institute onits  Facebook pageat 11am and 3pm.You can make virtual visits to museums, listen to audiobooks, watch parties, continue studying French online and enjoy leisure activities.
After school closures, Culturethèque is at your service especially for students and subscribers to one of its libraries. In your home, you can view the Culturethèque, a platform that allows you to read and download a large number of sources such as French newspapers, classic and contemporary literary novels, comics, children’s books, and games. You can listen to music and watch concerts and documentaries. You will also find effective and creative ways to study the French language. The Culturethèque platform is open free of charge. The subscription is through your learning card number and the subscription card in one of the libraries of the French Institute in Egypt and used as a user name. Learn French with Culturethèque at: https://vimeo.com/333929979Learn about the platform at Culturethèque: https://vimeo.com/163372950

Join Culturethèqueand choose the best audiobook for 2020 from the Culturethèque Digital Library until June 2020, you can participate in choosing the best audiobook for 2020, listen to the clips of the participating books and vote for the best.You can listen to a selectionof books entitled "La Plume de Paon" which includes 5 sections: Classic, Contemporary, Youth and Children, Documentary and Police. You can participate by clicking on the "Vote" button for the best book.


Goethe Institute

Goethe InstituteCairo offers its courses online. Try it for yourself and make sure that online courses lead to the same success as traditional classes. You can enjoy the institute’s home-learning offers on its official website. On Onleihe, you can find German films, music and books for free. All information is readily available on the Corona page. The Goethe Institutewebsite is at



The Ministry of Culture

The Ministry of Culture’s electronic initiative “Stay at Home: Culture in Your Hands” started broadcasting a number of rare and distinguished salons for the Egyptian icons of thought, art and science including painters Salah Taher, Taheya Halim, thinkers Yehia Haky, Mustafa Mahmoud, scientist Farouk Al Baz, author Tharwat Okasha, actors Adel Imam, Yehya Al-Fakhri among others. The broadcast started on the ministry’s YouTube channel on 10 June, and the salons are presentedper month on 9pm.  


Maulana Azad Centre for Indian Culture (MACIC)

The United Nations Declaration of 21 June as the International Day of Yoga (IDY) has helped people across the world to come together, celebrate and experience the benefits of this ancient practice. The Embassy of India has been celebrating the IDY since the last five years in Egypt.

This year, the MACIC is offering a free three-day Online Yoga workshop for media persons in Egypt, from 9 to 11 June, 6-7.30pm. Highlights of the Online Yoga Workshop for media persons are as follows: A 90-minute workshop for three days. Practice of stretching, gentle Yoga, Pranayam (breathing techniques), postures and relaxation techniques. Interested media persons may register themselves by sending an email to [email protected] 


The House of Arab Poetry

Under the title “Poetry brings us together”, the House publishes a poem daily via the internet and its official page on Facebook, and the poems presented vary to include readings of poets from different ages and schools and are distinctively produced. The meeting link will be posted on the page, half an hour before the evening, so that those interested can follow up before its start.


The Italian Cultural Institute

The Institute in Cairooffers daily multimedia content in several categories representative of the best of the Italian cultural industries, including literature, language, art, cinema, and archeology. To stay updated follow these digital contents and connect to the institute’s official Facebook page: Italian Cultural Institute and Archaeological Center.

As for the teaching of the Italian language, the Institute concludes the first course of the Italian language courses that were fully organized online after receiving many requests by students who want to start studying the Italian language to benefit from the period of quarantine. It continued to provide its students at home with courses covering all levels of the language taught.Through its social media @iiccairofficial channels, the Institute launched a new series of videos titled: “Notes and Ideas on the Italian Language and Culture” presented by the Director of the Italian Cultural Institute Davide Scalmani who, through video clips, provides various aspects of Italian culture very relevant to the current affairs and topics. The instituteinvites you to follow the hashtags # We Are Italy and#Stay Tuned on IIC CAIRO.In addition, it presents on the other social channels: Instagram and Twitter: STAY TUNED ON IIC CAIRO.



Bibliotheca Alexandrina

The BA called its frequenters to follow up the books that it publishes electronically to provide knowledge on a large scale. The number of books reached about two hundred thousand books on the website of the library of Digital Assets “Dar” for the benefit of researchers and those interested in culture. BA Digital Assets DAR is at http://dar.bibalex.org/webpages/dar.jsf

BA website is at www.bibalex.org

And its Facebook account is www.facebook.com/bibalexOfficial

Its YouTube channel is at www.youtube.com/user/BAchannel


*A version of this article appears in print in the 11 June, 2020 edition of Al-Ahram Weekly

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