Don’t miss GAPP’s first alumni online event in collaboration with the AUC Alumni Office

Reham El-Adawi , Tuesday 20 Oct 2020

Rawan Lasheen (top left), Elena Habersky (bottom left) and Nabil Fahmy
Rawan Lasheen (top left), Elena Habersky (bottom left) and Nabil Fahmy

Amir Bashtak Palace 

Al-Muaaz St, Tel 02 2787 9187

Every Saturday and Wednesday, 4pm: The training courses of the Arab Singing House students.  



Amir Taz Palace

27 Al-Syoufiya St, off Al-Saliba St, Al-Khalifa District, Tel 02 2514 2581

Every Saturday and Tuesday, 1pm: Enshad Dini (religious chanting) workshop by Munshid Mahmoud Al-Tohamy.

Every Sunday and Thursday, 4pm: Playing on musical instruments workshop for ages from 10 to 18 years

Every Sunday and Thursday, 4pm: The singing workshop of Amir Taz Palace Choir trained by Heba Ramadan

Every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, 3pm: A workshop on preparing the actor with Ahmed Zakariya.



The American University in Cairo

 Sun 25, 7.30pm- 8.30pm, Cairo Local Time (GMT + 2): “Challenges and Opportunities for Global and Public Affairs in a Changing Environment” is the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy’s first alumni online event in collaboration with the AUC Alumni Office. Hosted by founding Dean Nabil Fahmy, the event features Rawan Lasheen '15, '17, business presenter at Al Ghad TV, and Elena Habersky (YAB '12, MA'18), project leader at AUC's Centre for Migration and Refugee Studies.
Check the link below to join the event: Event Link:
Passcode: 2525



Beit Al-Aini (The Child Creativity Centre)

Al-Azhar, district, behind Al Azhar Mosque, Tel 02 2514 2990 

Every Saturday, 11am: A workshop for the Beit Al-Ain Children’s Choir, supervised by Prof. Eman Suleiman. Every Monday, 12noon: Wire and clay toy formation workshop, supervised by Rahma Mahgoub.

Every Wednesday, 1pm: A recycling workshop supervised by Hala Anwar.



Beit Al-Harrawi (The Arab Oud House)

Mohamed Abdu St, behind Al-Azhar Mosque, Tel 02 2510 4174

Every Saturday and Wednesday, 4-9pm: Oud, nay, qannun, violin and percussion instruments classes given by the oud professors of the Arab Oud House. 

Every Saturday and Thursday, 3-6pm: Workshops on learning the theories of playing oud by professors Elham Alhag and Ahmed Altaweel                        

Every Saturday, 5-6pm: Workshops on the theories of playing oud for beginners by Fadi Adel Al-Hajj



Ceramic and Traditional Handicrafts Centre

1 Al-Imam St, behind Amr bin Al-Aas Mosque, Al-Fustat, Old Cairo, Tel 02 2364 3103

Every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 3-6pm: Egypt’s artisans’ initiative for training on handicrafts such as porcelain, copper, Khayamiya, heritage jewellery.



The Child Creativity Centre (Beit Al-Aini)

Al-Azhar district, behind Al-Azhar Mosque, Tel 02 2514 2990 

Every Saturday, 11am: Handicrafts workshop and Beit Al-Aini Children Choir workshop, supervised by Manal Suleiman (2pm). 

Every Sunday and Wednesday, 10-12pm: A workshop on works on art,

Every Monday, 3pm: Miscellaneous activities workshop.   

Every Wednesday, 11am: A workshop of skills development for people with special abilities by Doaa Fathy

Every Thursday, 12pm: A cultural day. 



Cervantes Institute

Starting October, the Spanish Centre in Cairo resumes its Spanish language courses with attendance at its headquarters in Dokki for the first time since last March, while respecting all health instructions recommended for the safety of students. Initially, the courses will be resumed with attendance at some levels in order to maintain the system of social distancing among students, but the Institute will do its utmost to resume the possibility of attendance. Despite the return to the attendance system, Cervantes Cairo will continue to provide online courses that have met with great success during the last period. For full information flock to



French Cultural Institute

Madrasset Al-Huquq Al Frinseya St, Mounira, Tel 02 2791 5800 

After several months of closure, the French Institute will receive you again at its headquarters and offers French language courses remotely or at its headquarters in Mounira, Heliopolis, New Cairo, Sheikh Zayed and Alexandria starting October 2020. It takes the health of its customers very seriously and has implemented strict health measures to provide you with the best possible educational conditions. Wearing a mask will be mandatory for all and physical spacing will be respected in the classroom and in the building. 

If you have difficulty completing the French language courses at the headquarters of the French Institute in Egypt, you can continue them online. For more information flock to the institute’s website[email protected]
You can choose the branch you prefer and see the French language courses for adults and children that are appropriate for you and register there. You can also call the institute at the following numbers: 01205558639/01227484951/
01222196984, from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. 



Goethe Institute 

In the interest of the safety of students, our partners, workers and employees of the Goethe-Institute Cairo, and based on the outstanding success of the language courses and the various activities offered online, courses and cultural events will continue to be offered online until the end of the current year, and attendance during the coming months will be limited to holding postponed examinations and organising some training workshops for a limited number of trainees within the framework of our cultural and training projects, taking into account the highest levels of safety measures. This decision comes in implementation of the principle announced by the Goethe Institute at the beginning of the crisis, which is that preserving public health comes first.

In the second half of this September, the institute will start working on holding postponed exams, which students registered for before the Corona pandemic, and cannot be submitted online to ensure the level of quality, guided by the successful experience in organising exams for students of the preparatory year programme eligible for university study in Germany during the month of June, Which took into account all the personal protection and safety measures.

You can enjoy the institute’s home-learning offers on its official website. On Onleihe, you can find German films, music and books for free. All information is readily available on the Corona page. The Goethe Institute website is at



The Italian Cultural Institute 

Under the title “Italian between Word and Image: Graffiti, Illustrations and Comics”, the Twentieth edition of the Italian Language Week in the World, which is one of the most important cultural and linguistic events, offers events and activities organised by the Italian cultural institutes worldwide and promoted by the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, from 19 to 25 October 2020 via the Internet (online). 

The Italian Cultural Institute in Cairo participates, along with the schools and universities in which the Italian language is taught and then the Italian language is represented in Egypt, in the activities of the Italian Language Week by presenting cultural contents and activities directed to the Egyptian public of Italian speakers or those interested in the Italian language and culture. The images and graphic content that conquered the world of communication constitute the main expressive material prevalent among the generations who were born in the digital age or the world of the Internet and social networks in Egypt and Italy alike. In this context, the institute prepared a programme that stimulates the fruitful and dynamic participation of students, calling on them to deepen the relationship between the Italian language, images and novels in the form of graphic stories and digital graphic expressions. The language week will be officially launched on 19 October, through a conference to be held online in which the academic representatives of the Italian departments of the Egyptian universities talk, presenting study ideas and research projects. Based on the large numbers of thousands of students who annually enroll in Egyptian universities to study the Italian language, the university is emerging as an essential component of the existence of our language and culture in Egypt. Academic participation on the topic of the week continues on Tuesday 20 October through two webinars one after the other; the first organised by Helwan University and the second by Ain Shams University through interventions by international academic professors through which the word can accompany the picture. So that you merge with it, both in literature and in the context of modern communication. In cooperation with the office concerned with the affairs of schools in which the Italian language is taught in Egypt and affiliated to the Italian embassy, Wednesday 21 October will be devoted to the topic of teaching the Italian language in schools.

As for the programme for this day, it includes three meetings; The first meeting with the Italian Language Inspection Office at the Egyptian Ministry of Education concerned with teaching the Italian language in schools, followed by a meeting with the Don Bosco Institute in Cairo, which is a school that contributes to the preparation and qualification of young technicians, and then concludes the activities of this day through an event dedicated to students of the Italian language courses organised by the Italian Cultural Institute in Cairo, and a presentation of their projects on the topic of the week. The Italian Language Week will witness the presentation of the storyboard "Dante in Cairo", which is the fruit of the imagination of the students of Helwan University, which embodies the great poet Dante, lost in the streets of Cairo, in addition to another project entitled "Meme between Egypt and Italy" (meme is the use of pictures, videos, or the like to sarcastically transmit ideas, comments, or behaviour via social media), which aims to research this new form of communication typical of social networks.

The conclusion of the week on 22 October will witness a ceremony dedicated to the Poetic Translation Prize "M’illumino / d’immenso". Through the announcement of the Egyptian winner and an online meeting with the founders of the award "La Cita del Misico". The day will also be ideally devoted to Italian language teaching in Upper Egypt, which is a reference area for many important cooperation projects supported and promoted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sistema Italia. In addition to these many events and activities all organized online, a number of other events will be launched on the sidelines during the week on the topic of this session, exhibitions, videos, and many cultural content and products prepared and implemented by the Italian Cultural Institute in Cairo. Finally, in addition to making graphic projects executed by students available to the public, video materials on the graphic world, storyboards and their relationship in the Italian language will also be made available to the internet users.


Talaat Harb Cultural Centre
Al-Sayyeda Nafissa St, Zeinhom area, Tel 02 2362 2647/ 2362 8174
Every Sunday and Wednesday, 2pm: The centre’s Children Choir rehearsals.  

Every Saturday and Monday, 12pm: A training course to teach how to write and read in Braine for the blind, under the supervision of the archaeologist Ahmed Mohamed Naguib. 

Every Saturday and Thursday, 12pm: Handicraft, artistic and metalworking workshops for making small handicraft projects for young people and those with special abilities. 

Every Wednesday and Friday, 10am: A workshop on preparing the actor. 

Every Wednesday and Friday, 2pm: Art expression workshop, in addition to artistic and cultural activities for normal children and those with special needs.

Every Saturday, 11am: A meeting in the framework of human skills development for people with special abilities, supervised by professors Doaa Fathy and Iman Abul-Magd


*A version of this article appears in print in the 22 October, 2020 edition of Al-Ahram Weekly

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