Don’t miss the AUC’s webinar on Human Rights and the Built Environment Lifecycle

Reham El-Adawi , Tuesday 14 Sep 2021

El-Ibrashy, Short, and Shawkat
El-Ibrashy, Short, and Shawkat

American University in Cairo
Mon 20, 7- 8.30pm: “Dignity by Design: Human Rights and the Built Environment Lifecycle” session of the Gerhart Centre Webinar Series will be in the form of a panel discussion moderated by Professor May El-Ibrashy, founder and chair of Megawra-Built Environment Collective, and will feature Annabel Short, senior advisor, Built Environment, Institute for Human Rights and Business and Yehia Shawkat, co-founder of 10 Tooba, a housing and spatial justice research studio. The webinar will elevate the human rights dimensions throughout the built environment lifecycle. From land acquisition, planning, policy, and finance, through design, construction, and use to re-development, outcomes are determined by the balance of power and responsibilities for decision-making. The webinar will hone in on participation and non-discrimination, the social roles of architects and urban planners, workers’ rights, and the right to housing, among other aspects. The first part will bring a global overview, while the second part takes a deeper dive into the context in Egypt: highlighting challenges and recommendations for the path forward. 

French Cultural Institute
Madrasset Al-Huquq Al Frinseya St, Mounira, Tel 02 2791 5800
Media Library
Fri 17,10am and Fri 24, 11am: “International Nuggets: Story Time” by children’s teacher Salma Mohssein. On the occasion of the “International Pépites” operation, the Media Library invites its young audience to come and discover the albums selected by the French Institute and the Book and Youth Press Fair. At the end of the sessions which will take place in September, October and November, participants will vote for their favorite album.
Fri 17, 2pm and Fri 24, 4pm (From 12 years old): “International Nuggets: Novels and Comics Reading Club” by Lucia Salgueiro and Karidad Ragueh, professors at the College of the Sacred Heart and workshops specialist for youth. On the occasion of the “international nuggets” operation, the media invites young audience to a series of book clubs around international Nuggets forward by the French and the Institute Book Fair and Youth Press. Eight reading and discovery sessions from September until the end of November 2021. In this first session, Salgueiro and Ragueh will present the entire workshop, the Culturethèque platform, the selection of international Nuggets and the voting system, through a quick discovery and collective reading of excerpts from the works.

Italian Cultural Institute
Italy has been celebrating the 700th anniversary of the passing of Dante Alighieri. Also, the Italian Institute continues to post videos in Arabic with translations from Dante Alighieri’s masterpiece The Divine Comedy to bring the Arab-speaking public closer to the work of the supreme poet. Videos are directed by Giabluca Barbadori, with the special participation of Ashraf Farouk, Amir Salaheddin, Sherine Hegazy, and Sara El-Mokadem.

Thurs 16 to Sun 19 (Online): a programme of 220 meetings, over 400 protagonists, 45 previews and news from international authors who have chosen the 22nd edition of pordenonelegge to present their latest books. Go to watch the festival live, from any latitude!

Thurs 16, 5pm (Online): On the occasion of novelist, short-story writer, and playwright Giovanni Verga readings, Director of the IIC Davide Scalmani will host Professor Gabriella Alfieri, President of the Scientific Council of the Verga Foundation, and Professor Sherine Elnawasany, Head of the Italian Studies Department at Helwan University, to discuss Nedda and some aspects of the Arabic translation of Verga’s works.


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