Meet Richard Wilkinson at the AUC's Gerhart Centre webinar

Reham El-Adawi , Tuesday 25 Jan 2022

Meet Richard Wilkinson at the AUC s Gerhart Centre webinar
Meet Richard Wilkinson at the AUC s Gerhart Centre webinar

American University in Cairo

Fri 28, 9am-7pm and Sat 29, 11am-5pm (GMT+2): “New Norms in Teaching and Learning” is the theme of the 26th annual NileTESOL Conference held virtually by the School of Continuing Education. The world we live in is constantly changing, teachers need to revisit their teaching to redefine their roles, curricula, and the tools and strategies they use. Since much online information is now available to students, teachers have become facilitators to learning. Therefore, today more than ever, educators need innovative strategies and instructional materials that can be integrated with the available technological tools to enhance their teaching and empower themselves and their students to embrace both current and future challenges.
This year’s conference has various interest areas, such as teacher training, teacher and student motivation, professional development, programme administration, learning technologies, collaborative learning, corpus studies, research development, and assessment, to list but a few. Keynote speakers will include Deena Boraie, Vice President for Student Life at the AUC and currently the Senior Advisor to Egypt’s Minister of Education for assessment, examinations, and curriculum. will speak about "The Science of Learning and Coping with the New Normal", Genevieve Gilmore, CEO at Prosper Education, will speak about "Blending ESL Face-to-Face Teaching with Online Learning", Keith Folse, Professor of TESOL at the University of Central Florida where he teaches in several programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels, who will speak about "Meeting the New Norms in Teaching and Learning Vocabulary Successfully", while Georgios Kormpas, Director of Teaching, Skills and Development Center at Al Yamamah University in Saudi Arabia, will speak about "The Power of Adaptive Learning for EAP Instruction", writer and educator Dean Blaine will speak about "The Egyptian Scholastic Test: Show the World You're Ready" 
English language professionals and publishers are all welcome to participate. The broader the range of professional interests, the more stimulating and beneficial the NileTESOL 2022 online conference. The link is

Mon 31, 7-8pm (Online event): “Inequality and How to Eliminate Structural Barriers for Achieving Equality” is the first session of the Gerhart Centre Webinar Series in Spring '22 featuring Richard Wilkinson, professor emeritus of social epidemiology at the University of Nottingham Medical School. Wilkinson will show that societies with more considerable income differences between rich and poor suffer from higher rates of a wide range of health and social problems, including poorer life expectancy, worse mental health, more violence, higher imprisonment rates, and drug abuse and lower levels of trust. Societies that do well on one of these measures tend to do well on all of them, and those who do poorly tend to do badly on all of them. He will outline the social and psychological processes that lie behind these patterns. The link is




Beit Al-Razzaz

56 Bab Al-Wazir, El-Darb El-Ahmar, Cairo

Sat 29, 3.30-6pm (Free Entry): On the occasion of his visit to Egypt, “Passionswege - Design meets Crafts” is a talk by Gabriel Roland, the newly appointed director of Austria’s largest curated design festival, the Vienna Design Week. The talk is organized by the Austrian Cultural Forum Cairo.  Design connects, particularly in the case of “Passionswege”, a popular festival format at the Vienna Design Week which brings together design and crafts. Ever since this format was introduced to the Vienna Design Week, it has been connecting designers with craftsmen. In open work processes and free from any commercial constraints, they jointly create unique objects by experimenting and sharing their know-how. Curious to know more? join Roland’s talk about this fascinating festival format. His talk will be followed by a Q&A and a panel discussion with the Egyptian design team of the Qijmas Collection. The latter is a design collection that was inspired by the architecture and the decorative patterns of the Mamluk Mosque of Qijmas Al-Ishaqi, creating new objects using wood inlay and carving, ceramics, metal and textile. This event is a cooperation with the Egyptian Heritage Rescue Foundation. (No parking availabilities, follow the physical but not social distancing requirements. So, please, note that the number of seats will be less than usual. Send your registration to [email protected] no later than Thurs 27 January).


Italian Cultural Institute 

Italy celebrated the 700th anniversary of the passing of Dante Alighieri in 2021. The Italian Institute continues to post videos in Arabic with translations from Dante Alighieri’s masterpiece The Divine Comedy to bring the Arab-speaking public closer to the work of the supreme poet. Videos are directed by Giabluca Barbadori, with the special participation of Ashraf Farouk, Amir Salaheddin, Sherine Hegazy, and Sara El-Mokadem.

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