​Join the AUC’s webinar on the anniversary of Rafic Al Hariri’s assassination with Lebanese journalist Yazbek Wehbe

Reham El-Adawi , Tuesday 15 Feb 2022

Yazbek Wehbe
Yazbek Wehbe

American University in Cairo

Al-Sheikh Rihan St, off Tahrir Square, Tahrir Campus, Tel 02 2615 2694/01280009077

Sun 20, 1pm: “Reporting History: Rafic Al Hariri’s Assassination” webinar is part of the Reporting History series, which explores historical events from journalists who covered them in the field. Whether it is war, revolution, natural disasters or high-profile crimes, journalists are there covering events on the ground and writing the first draft of history as it unfolds. The assassination of the former Prime Minister of Lebanon Rafic Al Hariri on 14 February 2005, was a turning point in the history of Lebanon and arguably the Middle East. It brought an abrupt end to the power arrangements that had governed the country since the end of the Lebanese Civil War and ushered in an era of turmoil that still marks Lebanon to this very day. Guest speaker in this webinar, which marks the anniversary of the assassination, is Lebanese journalist Yazbek Wehbe. As one of the very last journalists to meet Al Hariri before he was killed, Wehbe will share his testimony about the assassination and its aftermath, how the media handled it and was affected by it. The personal challenges of reporting events polarize one’s community.

The link is https://e.cglink.me/2kZ/r300064265

Sun 20, 6-7.30pm: “Self-Love” webinar discusses how loving the self is not self-indulgent. It is your birthright to dance to your tune and be true to your unique human composition as the true self-actualizing path. Self-love is the way to heal old pains and achieve your potential. Do you want to know why self-love is not selfish? Do you want to know the practical steps to achieve self-love?
Join the webinar to get to know the answer to these questions. The link is https://e.cglink.me/2kZ/r300064274

Mon 21, 7-8pm: Join this session of the Gerhart Center Webinar Series titled “How to Transform Business for Resilience in an Era of Continuous Societal Turbulence” featuring Christine Diamente, managing director, Business Transformation, BSR, Paris.
The turbulent changes remaking our world demand bold, urgent action. Integrating sustainability into a business' core strategy is no longer sufficient. It is time to focus on resilient business strategies combined with purposeful leadership and a new social contract for the 21st century. This will lead to nimbler, more innovative companies, achieve long-term value for all stakeholders, and deliver on the promise of a just and sustainable world. 

The link is https://e.cglink.me/2kZ/r300064125

Wed 23, 7-8pm: “Slavery and Child labor in Global Supply Chains” session of Gerhart Center Webinar Series features Siddharth Kara, author, researcher, screenwriter, and activist on modern slavery. The webinar will explore the phenomena of slavery, forced labor, child labor, and other modes of servile labor exploitation at the bottom of global supply chains. Case studies to be explored will include apparel manufacture in India, seafood in Thailand, agriculture in the United States, and cobalt mining in Congo. The reasons for the persistence of slavery and the pervasiveness of child labor will be explored, as well as efforts to address these issues and why they fall short. https://e.cglink.me/2kZ/r300063731



Italian Cultural Institute 

Italy celebrated the 700th anniversary of the passing of Dante Alighieri in 2021. The Italian Institute continues to post videos in Arabic with translations from Dante Alighieri’s masterpiece The Divine Comedy to bring the Arab-speaking public closer to the work of the supreme poet. Videos are directed by Giabluca Barbadori, with the special participation of Ashraf Farouk, Amir Salaheddin, Sherine Hegazy, and Sara El-Mokadem.  





French Cultural Institute

30 Al-Nabi Danial St, Mahatet Misr, Alexandria, Tel 03 3913435/3918952

Fri 18, 12pm: “Story Time” by actress, artist and translator Lamia Gouda. She takes children from 6 years old on a new story hour. For registration go to [email protected]

*A version of this article appears in print in the 17 February, 2022 edition of Al-Ahram Weekly.

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