Brazilian economist Alfredo Saad Filho speaks about development in a time of crisis at TCC

Reham El-Adawi , Tuesday 24 Jan 2023




American University in Cairo
New Cairo Campus
Conference and Visitor Center - Lecture Hall P007
Thurs 16 Feb, 1-2pm: “Mental Health in Lebanon after the Beirut Blast: The Story of Embrace” lecture will feature Pia Zeinoun, Clinical Psychologist and Co-Founder and Vice President of the NGO Embrace. Like many Arab countries, Lebanon has been shaken by a history of traumatic events that have impacted people’s mental health. Embrace – a Lebanese non-profit organization dedicated to mental health – has been at the forefront of raising awareness, preventing suicide, and providing free and quality mental health services. This talk discusses what it takes to offer free mental health care in a troubled country.

Tahrir Cultural Centre (TCC)
AUC’s Tahrir Campus, Al-Sheikh Rihan St, off Tahrir Square, Tel 02 2615 2694/01280009077
Oriental Hall
Wed 15 Feb, 6:30pm-8pm: “Development in a Time of Crisis”,
a discussion by Alfredo Saad Filho, prominent Brazilian economist, Professorial Research Associate at the Department of Development Studies, SOAS University of London, to probe how international development can be thought of at a time of global economic and political crises. It aims to identify limitations in current policies and sketch alternatives to navigate these challenging times.


Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Chatby, Alexandria 21526, Tel (03) 4839999
The BA’s Arts School Midyear Programme started from Saturday 21 January to Thursday 9 February targeting the age from 4 to 16 years. The programme includes interactive workshops, scientific theatrical performances and competitions at the Arts School Premises, Villa Roushdy. Registration is through the website:

Research Skills Development Center, on the lower third floor (B3)
The BA offers, through the Information Awareness Unit for beneficiaries in the library sector, information awareness lectures for free for the month of January.
Sun 29, 1-2.30pm: A lecture on the library’s electronic index.
BA Main Building, the Museum of Manuscripts
The BA organizes through its Manuscripts Centre, a group of free lectures and workshops for children and school students titled “Medicine for the Arabs” during the mid-year vacation.
This will take place from 1 to 7 February, 10am:
These activities aim to establish a generation capable of learning about the Arab heritage of manuscripts and the most important discoveries and inventions of Arab scientists in the field of medicine. It deals with medical sciences in the Islamic golden age and its impact on human civilization. Islam has produced many physicians, including Ibn Sina, Abu Bakr Al-Razi, Ibn Al-Nafis, and Al-Zahrawi.
It will also present an overview of the first and most important hospitals in Islamic countries and how Arab and Muslim doctors added to medical science a lot that is still used to this day.

*A version of this article appears in print in the 26 January, 2023 edition of Al-Ahram Weekly.

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