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Reham El-Adawi , Tuesday 16 Apr 2024

Amr Khafagi  May El-Ibrashy  Maisoon Saqr
Amr Khafagi May El-Ibrash Maisoon Saqr


Tahrir Cultural Centre (TCC) 

AUC’s Tahrir Campus, Al-Sheikh Rihan St, off Tahrir Square, Tel 02 2615 2694/01280009077


Thurs 18- Mon 22, 12- 9pm: The Book Bazaar at AUC Tahrir CultureFest, organized by AUC Press and AUC Bookstores in collaboration with Tanmia Bookstores, offers an enriching experience for book enthusiasts of all ages. It will provide a diverse selection of books spanning numerous genres and topics, including history, politics, children's books, art, and popular fiction, available in English and Arabic. Visitors will get to engage with authors and fellow book lovers, participate in stimulating panel discussions, and explore great discounts. Don't miss the chance to discover an impressive array of books and activities at the AUC Tahrir CultureFest Book Bazaar. Join us this April for AUC's first Tahrir CultureFest. This inaugural event will focus on Cairo, connecting AUC's students, faculty, alumni and staff with our friends, neighbors and downtown community. The week of activities will include a wide range of events and engaging programmes, including a book bazaar, exhibitions, panel discussions, workshops, student-organized events, neighborhood tours, public lectures and performances.

Howard Room

Thurs 18, 5-6pm: "Exploring Downtown's Sustainable Future: From Visions to Viability" panel discussion features Eyad Afifi ’18, Co-Founder, AUC Architecture Alumni Association; Projects + Development Engineer, the MarQ, Communities, Lobna Anous ’18, Co-founder, U for Urban Impact; Consultant, Urban Development Programme, Sherif Goubran '14, Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture; Director of Graduate Programme, AUC, Amina Khairy and Jana Gaafar, Architecture students.  

Oriental Hall

Thurs 18, 5-6pm: "Cairene Initiatives: Fiha Haga Hilwa (it has something beautiful)" panel discussion will introduce Abdel-Aziz Fahmy, Founder of Cariene Biography, Amira Eid, Founder, Wessal World; Communications Professional among others. Inspired by Cairo, these four initiatives capture the spirit of one of the world’s greatest cities and the creative energies of its people. Meet a young generation of Cairenes, driving a vision of Cairo that is rooted in tradition. The talk will introduce each of the four initiatives, what drove the founders to do it, what are the highlights of their work and Cairo and what challenges do they face (Arabic with translation). Fri 19, 7-8pm: "Al-Qahira: Riwāyah wa Rāwī" (Cairo: narration and a narrator) talk will introduce speakers:  

Ashraf Ashmawi, novelist and judge, Omar Taher, journalist; poet; writer, with moderator Omar El-Maadawy, content creator. 

Sat 20, 2-3pm: "Cairo Houses Then and Now" panel discussion is on the amazing heritage we have from different periods that has traveled through time, sometimes as is, others with modifications. How did the houses then resonate with Cairo’s identity? How do we see Cairo's identity today? Is it the same, or has it changed? How to preserve and revive Cairo’s rich heritage in our buildings and homes. Speakers: Shewekar El-Gharably '97, Manager, Shewekar Design Studio, Omniya Abdel-Barr, Fellow, Victoria and Albert Museum; Head of Development, Egyptian Heritage Rescue Foundation, Bernard O'Kane, Professor, Department of Arab and Islamic Civilizations, AUC, and moderated by Beshir Shousha '96,

Narrative Content Creator. 

Sun 21, 5-6pm: " Cairo Cafés: The History of Cultural Life from the Margin" panel discussion is on Cairo cafes which have a complex yet fascinating history in the city's cultural and sociopolitical life, this session brings to light how ‘El-Qahwa’ as a space has contributed to Egypt's history and its present. The speakers discuss how Cairo cafes as public spaces and creative hubs changed over time and their contribution to the city's vibrant texture. Speakers: author and poet Maisoon Saqr, former Editor-in-Chief of Al-Shorouk newspaper Amr Khafagi, author and Editor-in-Chief of Ibdaa magazine Ibrahim Dawoud, and moderated by Sayed Mahmoud, journalist and Managing Editor of Al-Ahram Al-Arabi magazine (Arabic with translation).  

Ewart Memorial Hall 

Sat 20, 6-7pm: "Evolution of Cairo: Downtown Re-imagined" panel discussion will tackle the new trajectory that has been mobilizing in downtown Cairo for over a decade. From new boutique hotels, co-working spaces and experimental designs in passageways and urban pockets, today downtown has a different typology of landmarks. The splendor of heritage is coupled with a spirit of creative innovation and adaptive reuse of existing buildings. It features speakers: Karim Shafei, Co-founder and CEO, Al-Ismailia for Real Estate Developments, May El-Ibrashy Founder of MEGAWRA; Adjunct Professor, AUC, Mo'men El-Husseiny, Assistant professor, Department of Architecture, AUC, and moderated by Magda Mustafa, professor and Assistant chair, Department of Architecture, AUC.  

Greek Campus Rooftop

Sat 20, 1-2pm: "The Future of Start-Ups in Cairo" panel discussion delves into the diverse perspectives shaping the entrepreneurial landscape in downtown, covering insights from entrepreneurs, stakeholders, and academic figures, providing a comprehensive view of downtown's entrepreneurial landscape. While discussing initiatives to nurture the startup ecosystem and emphasize collaboration for sustainable growth. Speakers: Amira Selim

Founder and CEO, Kennah, Tamer Azer, Partner, Shorooq Partners, Mohamed Nagi, Managing Director, WRK+. 

* A version of this article appears in print in the 18 April, 2024 edition of Al-Ahram Weekly

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