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Reham El-Adawi , Tuesday 12 May 2020

Rashwan TawfiK
Rashwan TawfiK

The Ministry of Culture’s electronic initiative “Stay at Home:

Culture in Your Hands” presents the following theatrical shows online:


Fri 15, 5pm: Honoring the Egyptian theatre pioneers, a play features late  

actorHamdy Ahmed is shown.

Mon 18, 5pm:Honoring the Egyptian theatre pioneers, a play features

actor Rashwan Tawfiq is shown.

Thurs 21, 5pm: Honoring the Egyptian theatre pioneers, a play directed by the late

Lenin Alramly is shown.



The Minister of Culture launches the theatrical initiative, “Laugh, Think, Know”

held within the framework of the E-initiative “Stay at Home:

Culture in Your Hands” to be broadcast on the ministry’s YouTube channel at 5.30pm.The initiative rediscovers the international masterpieces with the participation of some Egyptian theatre icons including stage directors Galal Al Sharqawi, Samir Al Asfoury, Sanaa Shafei, Essam Alsayed, Fahmy Al Khouly.  

The initiative aims at presenting ten recorded plays as a first stage photographed by Ayman Mustafa, the plays are inspired by the short stories of the Russian author Anton Chekhov. Theduration of each play is between 20 to 50 minutes. The shows contain an explanation of the principles of Chekhovand analysis of the significance of the plays in order to achieve the goal of the initiative. The plays are Abu Atsa Genan (the one with amazing sneeze), directed by Hisham Atwa, The Player, directed by Tamer Karam, Class, directed by Mazen Al-Gharabawy, and Awel Kol Shahr (the beginning of each month) directed by Sameh Bassiouni.



The Ministry of Culture website is at

Its YouTube channel is at

And its Facebook account is Egyptian MOC


The National Theatre Facebook account is           


The French Cultural Institute

# the French Institute, in Egypt, withyou, at home

Within the framework of the programme, “La Comedie Continue” (Comedy Continue), one of the most famous French teams launches a programme every day on its website, its page on Facebook, and its YouTube channel broadcasts interviews, reports, and short programmes. It also broadcasts at 8.30pm everyday one of its plays (the plays are in French and not translated).


*A version of this article appears in print in the 14 May, 2020 edition of Al-Ahram Weekly

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