Russia seeks UN resolution; war not mentioned

AP , Tuesday 15 Mar 2022

Russia has circulated a proposed UN Security Council resolution demanding protection for civilians ``in vulnerable situations'' in Ukraine and safe passage for humanitarian aid and people seeking to leave the country, but it makes no mention of Russia's responsibility for the war against its smaller neighbor.

Vassily Nebenzia
Russia s UN Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia. AFP

The draft resolution released Tuesday expresses ``grave concern'' at the deteriorating humanitarian situation and reports of civilian casualties in and around Ukraine.

It endorses UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres' call for dialogue and negotiations and calls for a negotiated cease-fire to rapidly evacuate ``all civilians,'' and underscores ``the need for the parties concerned to agree on humanitarian pauses to this end.''

The draft, which never identifies ``the parties concerned,'' could be put to a vote as early as Wednesday, according to a Russian diplomat who was not authorized to speak publicly because discussions have been private.

The Russian measure was circulated a day after France and Mexico announced that a humanitarian resolution on Ukraine they co-sponsored, which had been discussed for two weeks in the Security Council, was being moved to the 193-member General Assembly for discussion and a vote.

That draft resolution called for an immediate cessation of hostilities and deplored the dire humanitarian consequences of the hostilities in Ukraine, provisions which are not in the proposed Russian resolution.

The France-Mexico resolution would almost certainly have led to a Russian veto in the Security Council, but there are no vetoes in the General Assembly.

Russia's UN Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia told reporters that his country is prepared to support a humanitarian resolution and after Monday's announcement by the French and Mexican ambassadors Russia thinks ``the chances are still there,'' so he was putting forward its ``roadmap'' and will see whether the council adopts it.

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