Italy's premier pushes for talks to end war

AP , Wednesday 11 May 2022

Ukraine's leaders must start shaping their terms for an acceptable peace deal, especially in light of Russia's surprising failure to win its war outright, Italy's premier said Wednesday.

Mario Draghi
Italy s Prime Minister Mario Draghi speaks during a press conference at the Italian Embassy, Wednesday, May 11, 2022, in Washington. AP

When Russia first launched its invasion of Ukraine, "we thought there was a Goliath and a David,'' Mario Draghi told reporters at a news conference in Washington.

But "what seemed like an invincible power has proved'' not to be, Draghi said, referring to Russian forces' inability to overcome the defense mounted by Ukraine's military, with heavy Western backing.

Draghi spoke after meeting with President Joe Biden on Tuesday. Draghi says he urged Biden to push to get all key players, including the United States and Russia, into talks to end the war.

But any rush to close a peace deal that leaves Ukrainians angry and resentful risks a return to fighting, the Italian leader said Wednesday.

"We have to remove any thought that we can reach an imposed peace,'' Draghi said. "That is a recipe for disaster.''

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