Africans, Arabs singled out for discrimination amid Ukraine refugee crisis: FDHRD

Ahram Online , Thursday 26 May 2022

Egypt’s Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue (FDHRD) has said in a report released on Thursday that “since the outbreak of the Ukrainian-Russian war, xenophobic acts against people who are neither Ukrainians nor Europeans have been observed, particularly against people of African and Arab descent during displacement to neighboring European countries."

A young Ukrainian woman warns boys in a water balloon fight to not throw a water balloon at her, at
A young Ukrainian woman warns boys in a water balloon fight to not throw a water balloon at her, at a camp in the Iztapalapa borough of Mexico City, Tuesday, May 24, 2022. Mexico City will close the camp that has hosted hundreds of Ukrainian refugees for the past month. Now that a U.S. (AP )

The report, titled ‘The Repercussions of the Ukrainian Crisis: The Position of European Countries on Forced Migration from Africa,’ said that the “citizens and migrants of African descent are visible targets and are particularly vulnerable to racism and xenophobia.”

"There are no success stories for those of African descent in Europe, except for a very few," the report said.

The report accused the EU countries of violating Article 33 of the United Nations Refugee Convention and Article 3 of the International Convention against Torture, by resettling African migrants in a third host country or working to return them to their country, regardless of the danger associated with that decision.

It also said that “Ukrainian and Polish border guards pursued a policy of discrimination against non-Europeans by impeding the crossing of Africans while allowing Ukrainians to cross and providing them with food and first aid.”

“Seven asylum seekers of non-European origin have died after their boat sank in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Greece, without their pleas being heeded,” the report said.

The report concluded that EU countries “must abandon their policies that contribute to fueling conflicts in some African countries, and work to develop final solutions to the roots of the problems that cause internal displacement.”

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