EU debates Gaza truce call, as top diplomat urges more aid

AFP , Monday 23 Oct 2023

EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell urged Monday faster aid deliveries to the Gaza Strip and said the bloc was debating calling for a "humanitarian pause" in the conflict.

EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell, AFP


"What's important? More, quicker, and in particular to enter the basic things that make water and electricity supply being restored," Borrell said, ahead of a meeting of EU Foreign Ministers in Luxembourg.

Borrell said that the few dozen trucks of humanitarian aid that had been allowed into Gaza from Egypt was "not enough" and said fuel to produce power and drinking water was particularly needed.

"Personally, I think that a humanitarian pause is needed in order to allow the humanitarian support to come in and be distributed, seeing that half of the population of Gaza has been moving from their houses," Borrell said.

He said ministers would discuss calls from UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres for a "humanitarian ceasefire" and the issue would be on the table at an EU Leaders Summit on Thursday.

The 27-nation EU bloc has long been split over its policy on Israel and the Palestinians. It has struggled with conflicting messaging since the start of the Israeli war in Gaza.

On 10 October, EU Foreign Ministers urged Israel not to cut "water, food, or electricity" to Gaza and called for humanitarian corridors for those trying to flee the territory, Borrell said.


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