Russia & China veto US draft resolution on Gaza war on not calling for 'immediate ceasefire' grounds

Ahram Online , Wednesday 25 Oct 2023

Russia and China used their veto right in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on Wednesday against a draft resolution submitted by the United States on the current conflict in the Gaza Strip because it did not call for an immediate ceasefire.

File Photo: The UNSC during their meeting. AFP


"We strongly reject the US draft resolution because it does not call on the parties in the conflict to an immediate ceasefire," the representative of China to the UN said in a statement at the UNSC meeting.

10 members of the UNSC voted for the US resolution - the US, the UK, France, Japan, Switzerland, Albania, Malta, Gabon, Ghana, and Ecuador. 

Mozambique and Brazil abstained.

Russia, China, and the UAE voted against it. 

"We regret that the UN Security Council was unable to halt the escalation in the region," said the representative of Russia at the UN whose country's draft resolution on Tuesday calling for an immediate ceasefire was defeated by a veto from the US and the UK.

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