War victims deserve justice, says ICC Prosecutor from Egypt's Rafah border crossing

AP , Sunday 29 Oct 2023

The International Criminal Court's chief prosecutor Karim Khan said Sunday that people caught in the ongoing Israeli war on Gaza since 7 October deserve justice.

Karim Khan
The International Criminal Court s chief prosecutor Karim Khan. X Official account


At a press conference at the Rafah border crossing in Egypt, Khan expressed concern about the devastation and strikes that have taken place near churches, schools, and hospitals in Gaza.

He emphasized the importance of ensuring that relief supplies for civilians are not delayed or obstructed in any way.

Khan stated, "There must be no obstacles to the delivery of humanitarian relief to innocent civilians, including children, women, and men."

Khan said wasn’t able to enter the Gaza Strip and speak to Palestinians, calling on Israel to respect the international law.

"They have lawyers, advisors, and they will be under no misapprehension after their obligations," he said.

The ICC has been investigating the actions of both Israeli and Palestinian authorities since 2014.

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