Saudi forces on alert after clash with Iran-backed Houthis

Wednesday 1 Nov 2023

Saudi Arabia's military has gone into a state of high alert following deadly clashes with Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi rebels, who also tried to fire a missile over the kingdom toward Israel, Bloomberg reported citing people familiar with the matter.

Houthi rebels


Four Saudi soldiers died in the fight with Houthi forces in the mountainous southwestern Jazan Province on the border with Yemen, according to Bloomberg.
The recent clashes on the Yemen-Saudi border followed the launching of winged missiles and drones by the Houthi rebels towards Israel on 19 October, which the Pentagon claimed were intercepted by a US destroyer in the Red Sea, said Bloomberg.
According to the sources, one of these rockets was also intercepted by Saudi Arabia's air defence systems and fell within the country's territory.

Yemen's Houthi rebels held a major military parade in Sanaa last month, marking nine years since they seized the capital.

The parade took place days after a Houthi delegation left Riyadh following "positive" but inconclusive talks aimed at ending a war that has ravaged the Arabian Peninsula's poorest country.

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