Round 2! Bassem Youssef and Piers Morgan 2-hour interview airs tonight

Merna Hesham , Wednesday 1 Nov 2023

After his interview with Piers Morgan two weeks ago went viral with close to 20 million views, Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef made good on his promise to go face-to-face with the English broadcaster for a second round.

Bassem Youssef and Piers Morgan
Bassem Youssef and Piers Morgan s Round 2 Special. Photo courtesy of Bassem Youssef


The video interview was fodder for supporters of Palestine online, who flooded social media with memes and clips from the interview, which aired on 17 October and was titled “Israel-Hamas War: Piers Morgan vs Bassem Youssef.” 

From showing a photo of his Palestinian in-laws’ home that was burnt to a crisp to joking his wife’s cousin was a “total loser who failed all his human shield interviews” to pretending to be a concerned Israeli citizen addressing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Youssef delivered a masterclass in political satire and dark humour.

The interview went viral across the globe, not just in the Arab world, due to his witty commentary, quips, and educated rebuttals exposing false narratives, dehumanization of Palestinians, and hidden agendas (while slipping in a swear word or two).


After the interview gained momentum, Youssef tagged Morgan in a post on X, the website formerly known as Twitter, saying “I truly enjoyed our conversation. Let’s have a one-on-one interview in the studio over coffee and without a faulty earpiece.”

In another tweet, Youssef said he disagreed with Piers about a lot of things but respects him for bringing people with opposing views and giving them space to talk, despite the heated conversations and interruptions, adding, “I am guilty of that too.”

Cheekily, he then challenged Morgan to round two, “Invite me to London for an in-studio interview. I fly first class.”

Piers responded by saying that he would come to Youssef.

And he did, all the way to Los Angeles, USA.

Writing on X, Bassem described the second interview as a “deep, calm conversation about a very complicated issue.”

He went on to explain that he “tried to talk to an audience who never get exposed to our side of the story.”

“No sound bites, no trending phrases, no attempts to score points for reach and views. Just an attempt to have our voices heard,” Youssef said.

He also added his hope for his interview to be “something that will be used for a longer time, not just for the heart of the moment.”

On X, Morgan also prepared his audience for the interview, noting that the initial interview was the most watched in his show’s history. 

Their two-hour special is set to air tonight at 8 pm (GMT) and 10 pm in Cairo exclusively on Talk TV.


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