After deadly Israeli strike: Al-Shifaa hospital director says medical staff 'will not leave' injured Palestinians

Ahram Online , Friday 3 Nov 2023

In defiance, the director of Al-Shifaa Medical Complex stressed the medical staff would not leave the injured behind after Israel carried out airstrikes in the immediate vicinity of the hospital in Gaza City killing at least 15 and wounding at least 65 others in the early hours of Friday evening.

Abu Salmiya
Abu Salmiya said evacuating the hospital is impossible asserting that the medical staff will not evacuate and leave the injured behind.


"The hospital is suffering from overcrowding of the wounded,” MD Mohamed Abu Salmiya told Al-Arabiya, stressing that medical staff are working under "terrible psychological pressure."

Abu Salmiya said that most of the medications used in surgical operations are out of stock while a loss of all electricity due to dwindling fuel is threatening the lives of the injured.

"Gaza’s hospitals cannot handle this huge number of injured," he noted.

“There are wounded people who were killed due to the lack of places to treat them,” he added.

Since the start of the war on 7 October, Abu Salmiya rejected repeated Israeli orders to evacuate the hospital.

More than 40,000 Palestinian civilians are sheltering from Israeli bombing in the north of the Gaza Strip inside and around the hospital.

Earlier on Friday evening, photos and videos of the scene showed dozens of bloodied bodies lying on the ground as civilians and paramedics scrambled to save those wounded.

In the aftermath of the strike on Al-Shifaa, Abu Salmiya said evacuating the hospital was impossible, asserting that the medical staff would not evacuate and would not leave the injured behind.

“We will remain in the hospital and will not leave it,” he asserted.

The Israeli airstrike was carried out on a convoy of ambulances carrying wounded as it was leaving the Al-Shifaa on its way to the Rafah border crossing, according to Al Jazeera.

Abu Salmiya decried that attack stressing that they had warned many times about "Israel targeting ambulances."

The Israeli attack on the ambulance convoy attempting to leave Al-Shifaa halted the transport of injured Palestinians to the Rafah crossing in order to enter Egypt for treatment, Al Arabiya sources revealed.

The Egyptian Red Crescent (ERC) announced on Friday the delivery of the tenth batch of urgent humanitarian aid to the Palestinian Red Crescent in Gaza through the Rafah Crossing border.

Shortly before the attack on Al-Shifaa, the Palestinian health ministry in Gaza said that the death toll among Palestinians killed by Israel since 7 October has climbed over 9,300 - including 3,826 children and 2,405 women - while the number of injured has increased to 23,516.

File Photo: Abu Salmiya calming a child during a tense moment at Al-Shifaa

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