Abbas urges immediate halt to Israel’s ‘genocidal war’ in Gaza

Mohamed Badereldin, Saturday 11 Nov 2023

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called for an end to Israel’s “unparalleled genocidal war” in Gaza in his speech at the combined summits of the Arab League and Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Riyadh on Saturday.

Mahmoud Abbas
This handout picture provided by the Palestinian Authority s press office (PPO) shows Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas (C) arriving in Saudi Arabia on November 10, 2023. AFP


Arab leaders and Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi gathered in the Saudi capital with the shared goal of finding a resolution to the Israeli war on Gaza and preventing further escalation.

President Abbas implored the United Nations Security Council to fulfil its responsibilities and put an immediate halt to the brutal Israeli aggression.

He condemned the Israeli airstrikes and ground offensive that have ravaged Gaza for over a month.

He also decried the blockade on the strip, emphasizing the critical need to deliver medical supplies, food, water, electricity and fuel.

He strongly condemned the "ethnic cleansing" of Palestinians by the "cowardly Israeli war machine," rejecting any attempts to displace Palestinians from their lands in Gaza, the West Bank, and occupied Jerusalem.

During his address, Abbas made it clear that the Palestinian Authority rejects all military solutions to the conflict.

President Abbas denounced the futility of military and security solutions, pointing out that Israel's actions were undermining the two-state solution and replacing it with policies of intensified settlement, annexation, ethnic cleansing, and racial discrimination in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

He decried the Israeli violation of Islamic and Christian holy sites.

Asserting that Gaza is an integral part of the State of Palestine, President Abbas emphasized that any viable political solution must encompass the entire Palestinian territory, including the West Bank, Jerusalem, and Gaza.

He expressed his deep concern over Israel's seizure of Palestinian funds intended for Gaza and affirmed the unwavering commitment of the Palestinian Authority to the region.

In his address, President Abbas called for robust international support, urging the UN Security Council to grant full membership to the State of Palestine.

He also appealed for an international peace conference and the implementation of a political solution based on international resolutions, the Arab Peace Initiative, and the end of Israeli occupation of Palestinian land, including East Jerusalem.

President Abbas further emphasized the need to resolve the Palestinian refugee issue in accordance with UN Resolution 194.

He called for international guarantees and a clear timetable for the implementation of a solution, reiterating the commitment of the State of Palestine and the Palestine Liberation Organization as the legitimate representatives of the Palestinian people.

The President concluded his speech by appealing for global solidarity and assistance to enable Palestinian institutions to continue their vital work, including the reconstruction of Gaza.

The urgency of the situation and the pressing need for international intervention was palpable in President Abbas's words, as he implored world leaders to take immediate action to end the suffering of the Palestinian people and achieve a just and lasting peace in the region.

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