Biden says Shifa hospital 'must be protected' and calls for 'less intrusive action' by Israel

AP , Tuesday 14 Nov 2023

US President Joe Biden on Monday said that Gaza’s largest hospital Al-Shifa “must be protected,” and called for “less intrusive action” by Israeli forces.

Joe Biden
US president Joe Biden. AFP


“It is my hope and expectation that there will be less intrusive action,” Biden said in the Oval Office.

Al-Shifa hospital has been without electricity and water for three days, and gunfire and bombings outside the compound have made the situation more difficult.

“We do not want to see fire fights in hospitals,” said White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan at a briefing.

“We want to see patients protected. We want to see hospitals protected. We have spoken with the Israeli government about this and they have said they share that view that they do not want to see fire fights in hospitals.”

Sullivan said there were no easy answers on how Israel pushes military operations around the hospital, but these were questions for the Israeli military and not the US.

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