Israel considers flooding Gaza tunnels

AP , Tuesday 5 Dec 2023

Israel’s army chief has confirmed that Israel is considering flooding Hamas’ tunnels in Gaza with seawater to destroy the group’s underground network.

Israeli soldiers inside a tunnel
Israeli soldiers walking inside one of the tunnels found near the Gaza border. AP


The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that the army has assembled a system of large pumps that could flood the approximately 300 miles of Hamas tunnels in Gaza

Asked about the report, Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi said flooding the tunnels could be a “good idea” and that it was “one of a number of options we are considering.” 

Hamas is believed to have a sprawling network of tunnels it uses to move fighters, weapons and supplies throughout Gaza. 

Israel has said it already has destroyed hundreds of tunnel sections during the war. 

It is unclear if flooding the tunnels with seawater could threaten Gaza’s already overtaxed underground freshwater aquifer or potentially damage soil with salt and hazardous materials.

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