Video - Nothing 'happy' about Happy Yemen Hospital in Gaza: A bombed-out hospital - turned refugee camp & cemetery!

Ahram Online , Monday 25 Dec 2023

Indiscriminate Israeli airstrikes on anything that does not move and everyone who moves in the Gaza Strip has forced Palestinians to bury the dead anywhere they can before the next round of bombardment arrives.

Yemen Saeed
The Happy Yemen Hospital under Israeli bombardment


Palestinians in Jabalia in northern, who have lived through massacre after massacre since 7 October, survivors bury the dead in school yards and hospital grounds and any place they can find to ensure some decency for lost ones as thousands leave us for a better place

This video, posted on Al Jazeera, depicts displaced Palestinians camping around a makeshift cemetery on the grounds of the Al-Yamen Al-Saeed (Happy Yemen) Hospital in Jabalia.

Displaced civilians improvised a fence with water jerrycans all around the area of the head tombs to mark where life ended and where life continues.

Some of those buried beneath the hospital grounds are among the tens of victims of the Israeli bombardment and raid against the hospital itself.

There is nothing happy about the hospital anymore - except the perseverance of the medical staff inside the facility and the survivors around it - as hundreds of thousands of Palestinians refuse to leave northern Gaza despite al

Israeli airstrikes and bombardment against hospitals across the Gaza Strip, denounced by all major humanitarian organizations as a crime against humanity, have destroyed most of the healthcare system for 2.4 million Palestinians under-siege and under-bombardment in the strip.

 Moreover, the Israeli blockade on fuel supplies to the strip has strangled the remaining functioning healthcare facilities in Gaza

On Monday, the Palestinian health ministry said that the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip since early October has killed at least 20,674 people, 70 percent of them children and women.

The ministry also added that 54,536 people have been wounded since the start of the war

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