Videos: Palestinian children in Gaza play, sing and dance dabke around the war!

Ahram Online , Friday 29 Dec 2023

Quds News Network posted videos depicting Palestinian children in shelter centres and displacement camps in the Gaza Strip, relishing fleeting moments of joy. One Palestinian child insists on feeding his cat first!

Palestinian children
Ruaa Hassouna plays music for Palestinian children on her Oud (Ud, or oriental lute) as Palestinian children participate in an activity aimed to support their mental health, amid continuing battles between Israel and the militant group Hamas, in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip on December 18, 2023. AFP


More than half of the 2.4 million population in the Gaza Strip are children under the age of 18.

These children insist on embracing life despite enduring hunger, displacement, and bombings.

- In one video, a displaced Palestinian child who hails from Beni Sahila near Khan Younis in southern Gaza brings his cat to the refugee camp and feeds her even though he struggles to feed himself.

- In another video, the children sang songs and danced the traditional Palestinian Dakba.

- In another video, Hamoud, a boy no older than four, stops playing with his toy bike when he notices coffined bodies lying on the ground against the wall of a building.

Hamoud is startled for a few minutes at the sight of these bodies, which, he realizes, had left his world before riding his bike to resume playing.

- Children also sing and dance along to Singing and dancing to 'This Beautiful Day!' - a popular tune from Egyptian singer Ahmed Saad.

"Yes, I am feeling swell! No matter who is going after me! Even if a war is coming my way! Nothing will get me down!"


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- The last video shows the children just singing and dancing up and down.

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