Videos - Meet nine-year-old Lama: The youngest Palestinian war reporter in Gaza

Mohamed Badereldin, Saturday 6 Jan 2024

Lama Abu Jamous has carried her mike to conduct interviews with other children, documenting the daily struggle to sustain a semblance of normality in refugee camps in the Gaza Strip.

Lama Abu Jamous


In the besieged Gaza Strip, nine-year-old Lama Abu Jamous has taken on the role of a journalist becoming a beacon of hope, capturing the attention of global audiences with almost a million followers on Instagram with her poignant storytelling.

After the start of the Israeli bombing campaign against civilian targets in the strip in October, Lama fled from Gaza City in northern Gaza to Khan Younis in the centre and again to Rafah in the deep southern strip.

Throughout her trip to escape from the hell rained on Palestinian women and children, Lama documented the lives of herself and other children in Gaza.

Children in Gaza make up more than 50 percent of the 2.4 million population in the strip and nearly 50 percent of the nearly 23,000 civilians killed by Israel since 7 October.

Lama's journey began when she started using her mother's smartphone to record videos of her surroundings.

Witnessing the hardships faced by her community, she felt compelled to shed light on the realities faced by other children in Gaza.

The nine-year-old interviews other children to document their experiences, hoping to raise awareness and bring about positive change.

Through her videos, Lama provides a unique perspective, offering a glimpse into life in Gaza from a child's point of view.

She fearlessly navigates the war-torn streets, capturing poignant moments of resilience, sorrow, and hope.

Lama's videos showcase the daily struggles faced by children, including limited access to education, healthcare, and necessities. 

Lama's story, which was picked up by various international media outlets, is a testament to the resilience and determination of the human spirit, proving that even in the darkest of circumstances, a young girl armed with a smartphone and a voice can make a profound impact on the world.


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Her work can in many ways be a response to the Israeli killing en masse of Palestinian women and children as well as the targeted murder of Palestinian journalists. 

Wael Al-Dahdouh, a prominent Al Jazeera reporter, is the most well-known Palestinian journalist who has been targeted by Israeli airstrikes.

Al-Dahdouh became known to millions of viewers around the world since the 7th of October for covering the stories of the untold human cost of the relentless Israeli bombardment of thousands of his neighbours in the strip.

In late October, Al-Dahdouh, lost his son, daughter, one-and-a-half-month-old grandson, and wife to a premeditated Israeli airstrike.

In December, Al-Dahdouh survived another targeted Israeli strike but lost one of his comrades, Al Jazeera cameraman Samer Abu-Daqqa in the attack.

In over three months of airstrikes and bombardment against civilians in the strip, the Israeli army targeted and killed 105 journalists and their families.

The Palestinian Press Syndicate has documented numerous crimes and violations against journalists, including the killing and disappearance of journalists and injuries to media employees.

The syndicate expressed admiration for journalists who continue to work despite the threats and emphasized the importance of reporting the truth and holding Israel accountable for its actions. 

Palestinians in Gaza have been a true testament to the will to survive and resist. 

As 2024 arrived,  they welcomed the new year, with the hopes for the end of the war and to return to their homes soon.


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