Thousands of Israelis rally in Tel Aviv & outside Netanyahu's home demanding 'immediate elections'

Mohamed Hatem , Sunday 7 Jan 2024

Thousands of Israelis rallied Saturday night in Tel Aviv and outside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s home in Jerusalem, where they demanded immediate elections amid the PM’s failure to return Israeli captives through the war on Gaza.

Protests - Tel Aviv
Thousands rally on Saturday in Tel Aviv against the Netanyahu government calling for immediate elections. Photo circulated on X (formerly Twitter)


The main demonstration at Habima Square in Tel Aviv was attended by 20,000 people, Israeli media reported, citing organizers.

The demonstrations were mainly comprised of those most affected by Israel’s war on Gaza, among Israelis evacuated from areas near the Gaza Strip and the country’s northern borders with Lebanon.

Rocket fire from Gaza and Lebanon has displaced more than 100,000 Israelis from these areas since 7 October.

Also among the protesters were captives’ families, who have pressed the government to reach a ceasefire agreement with Hamas in exchange for the release of the remaining captives held in Gaza.

“[The goal of] bringing people home has to be clear to our leaders. That’s why we are in Gaza,” Yadin Gelman an Israeli special-ops soldier who was in southern Israel on 7 October told The Times of Israel.

More than 100 Israelis are still believed to be held captive by Hamas in Gaza.

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