Israel announces largest number of soldiers injured in one 24-hour period since start of Gaza war

Mohamed Hatem , Monday 8 Jan 2024

The Israeli military said on Monday that at least 103 soldiers were wounded fighting in Gaza in the last 24 hours - with at least 2 in serious condition.

Israeli funeral
File photo: Israeli soldiers carry the flagged wrapped coffin of senior Israeli officer, during his funeral at the military cemetery in Haifa, Israel. AP


This was the highest figure announced by the army of soldiers injured in battles in Gaza since the start of the war on the strip on 7 October.

The army also said 510 Israeli soldiers were killed and 2438 others injured in Gaza since the start of the war on 7 October.

On Friday, Israel's Yediot Ahronoth newspaper revealed that at least 12,500 Israeli soldiers have been recognised as disabled due to the fighting in Gaza, according to a "conservative and cautious estimate."

The actual number of cases requesting disability recognition could reach 20,000, the paper indicated, adding that the number of wounded Israeli soldiers since the start of the war is expected to rise by around 20 percent, Ynet,  Yediot Ahronoth's English-language website, reported.

Yediot Ahronoth added that the Israeli Defence Ministry rehabilitation division is currently treating 60,000 disabled Israeli soldiers - at least 3,400 admitted since 7 October - highlighting the heavy financial and logistical toll the Gaza war is taking on hospitals and other facilities.

Accordingly, the report stressed the need to expand the work of the heavily criticized rehabilitation division's workforce and medical staff, charging that there is a dire need for increased medical equipment and prosthetics to meet the requirements of the thousands of injured soldiers coming in.

Ynet noted that such figures point to discrepancies between hospital figures and the official injury tally provided by the Israeli army throughout the war

Meanwhile, the Israeli army medical authority said that 9,000 soldiers who fought in Gaza have undergone psychological rehabilitation since the start of the war, adding that 25 percent of them did not return to combat.

Palestinian factions and independent military observers have noted that the Israeli army deliberately underreports its casualties during wars to avoid harming morale among the soldiers and negatively affecting public support for the war effort.

Amid the military's restrictions on the press in publishing war news and casualty figures, Haaretz and other Israeli newspapers have pushed the Israeli army to divulge the real numbers of those soldiers killed and injured in the war.

Since the start of the war, Hamas and other Palestinian resistance factions battling the Israeli army in Gaza have regularly released videos depicting tens of attacks on Israeli tanks, armed personnel carriers, and soldiers from Point Zero.

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