800 civil servants in US, UK, EU call on their gov'ts to push for Gaza ceasefire

Ahram Online , Friday 2 Feb 2024

Civil servants from the United States, United Kingdom, and European Union have jointly appealed to their governments in a letter, urging them to cease unconditional support for Israel and take necessary actions to facilitate a ceasefire.

US and UK representatives in the UNSC as they voted against the first resolution calling for a ceasefire in the Gaza war last November.


In a comprehensive letter signed by over 800 anonymous bureaucrats, concerns were raised about Israel's unrestrained military operations in Gaza and the potential contribution of their governments' support to grave violations of international humanitarian law, war crimes, ethnic cleansing, or even genocide.

The letter, organized by bureaucrats in the US, EU, and Netherlands, outlines a series of measures the signatories demand their governments to undertake including; discontinuing military assistance, utilizing available leverage to secure a lasting ceasefire, and formulating a strategy for lasting peace that encompasses the establishment of a Palestinian state while ensuring Israel's security guarantees.

Israel's extensive military campaign in the Gaza Strip has killed over 27,000 Palestinian lives and injured 65,000, horrifying millions across the West and prompting millions to take part in street protests against the war.

The US, UK, and the Netherlands have all refused to call for a ceasefire in the Israeli aggression on Gaza.

The EU Parliament, some EU member countries and individual top EU officials have pushed for a ceasefire in the Gaza war but the EU as a whole has not endorsed it.

In the United States, White House and State Department staff have publicly expressed opposition to the unfettered political and military support extended by the Biden administration to Israel.

In late December, a group of Dutch civil servants staged an unusual protest in front of the country's Foreign Affairs Ministry in the Hague.

Around 150 ministerial workers held up placards and unfurled a banner reading "Civil Servants Demand Ceasefire" over lunchtime, saying they were protesting the government's current stance on the call for an end to hostilities

Changes in US public opinion

Half of US adults say Israel’s 15-week-old military campaign in Gaza has “gone too far,” a finding driven mainly by growing disapproval among Republicans and political independents, according to a new poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

Broadly, the poll shows support for Israel and the Biden administration’s handling of the situation ebbing slightly further across the board.

The poll shows 31 percent of US adults approve of Biden’s handling of the conflict, including just 46 percent of Democrats.

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