FACTBOX: The heavy toll of the Israeli war in Gaza on children

Mohamed Hatem , Thursday 8 Feb 2024

The Israeli war and deadly blockade on the Gaza Strip have had catastrophic consequences for more than 2.3 million Palestinians in Gaza, hitting children - who make up 47 percent of the population – especially hard.

Children walk past clothes hanging out to dry on a laundry line along a street in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip on February 6, 2024. AFP


  • Israel killed nearly 27,500 Palestinians and wounded nearly 70,000, mostly women and children. (Source: Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza). 
  • Around 700,000 children have been affected by Israel’s war on Gaza. (Source: Euro-Med Monitor).
  • Over 12,100 children have been killed in Gaza since 7 October, averaging 250 per day, according to Khaled Quzmar, General Director of Defense for Children International–Palestine (DCIP).
  • More than 8,000 people remain trapped under rubble, increasing the risk of further child casualties. (Source: Khaled Quzmar, DCIP).
  • A child is killed every 10 minutes in Gaza, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).
  • Over 18,000 Palestinian children were injured in ongoing Israeli attacks, with many losing limbs and sustaining severe burns. (Source: Euro-Med Monitor).
  • Hundreds of thousands of children have become homeless after Israel destroyed or damaged 640,000 residential units. (Source: Euro-Med Monitor).
  • Most children have lost all access to primary healthcare after Israel destroyed most hospitals and medical facilities in the strip.
  • Thousands of pregnant women in Gaza have lost all access to decent nutrition and prenatal care for their unborn.
  • In the West Bank, 96 Palestinian children were killed by Israeli forces and settlers since 7 October, including 15 in 2024. (Source: Khaled Quzmar, DCIP).
  • At least 121 Palestinian children were killed by Israeli forces and settlers in the West Bank last year. (Source: Khaled Quzmar, DCIP).
  • Two hundred and four children were held in Israeli prisons in October 2023, decreasing to 137 after a Hamas-Israel exchange. (Source: Khaled Quzmar, DCIP).
  • Israeli forces have withheld the bodies of at least 28 Palestinian children since June 2016; 25 bodies are still withheld. (Source: Khaled Quzmar, DCIP).
  • UNICEF estimates that 1 million Palestinian children in Gaza face starvation due to the Israeli siege.
  • Over 130,000 children under the age of two lack critical nutrition in Gaza. (Source: UNICEF).
  • 7,000 to 8,000 severely malnourished children are at risk of death without immediate treatment. (Source: UNICEF).
  • Families are struggling to find baby formula and diapers for their infants - 60 percent of Gazan infants were formula-fed before the war. (Source: UNICEF).
  • Families are having a hard time finding drinking water for hundreds of thousands of children after Israel bombed all water plants.
  • 24,000 to 25,000 children in Gaza lost one or both parents; 640,000 had homes destroyed or damaged. (Source: Euro-Med Monitor).
  • Four in five Gaza children reported depression, sadness, or fear before the war. (Source: Euro-Med Monitor).
  • All Palestinian children in Gaza have been denied basic education after Israel destroyed tens of schools in the strip.
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