American, European universities spearhead support for Palestine: Former asst FM

MENA , Saturday 27 Apr 2024

In an exclusive statement to the Middle East News Agency, former Assistant Foreign Minister Ambassador Mohamed Hegazy said that pro-Palestinian movements at American and European universities are a moral awakening in condemnation of Israeli violence.

Protesters brandish a giant Palestinian flag as they gather in support of Palestinians outside a building of the Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po Paris) occupied by students, in Paris on April 26, 2024. AFP


He emphasized that this movement is beginning to catalyze a fundamental shift in American public opinion, which will have a significant impact on US elections and the situation in the Middle East.

Ambassador Hegazy underscored that global public opinion is increasingly aware that Washington and the West have turned a blind eye to the atrocities committed by the extremist Israeli government.

He referenced reports by Francesca Albanese, the special rapporteur on human rights in the occupied Palestinian territory, labelling the events in Gaza as genocide, along with the description by the UN Deputy Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Martin Griffiths of the war in Gaza as a "betrayal of humanity."

He criticized the portrayal by Netanyahu and Israel's supporters of American university students as anti-Semitic, citing instances where condemnation of Israeli aggression and the discussion of the destruction of homes in Gaza were framed as attacks on Judaism.

He reiterated that the genocide against the Palestinian people is becoming increasingly apparent, with Israel targeting universities; killing professors and scholars; destroying schools, hospitals, mosques, and churches; and using starvation as a weapon.

Furthermore, Ambassador Hegazy commended the awakening of global conscience, particularly among American universities, emphasizing the influential role of intellectuals, elites, and youth in shaping the future of American public opinion. He drew parallels between the current movement and past activism against apartheid in South Africa and the Vietnam War.

The ambassador praised the actions of French youth in joining the global movement to support the resilient people of Gaza and uphold humanitarian values. He called on those in power in Washington and Europe to feel ashamed of their support for the killing machine and to heed the calls for justice and accountability.

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