3 Israeli soldiers killed in Rafah trap explosion as strikes rock Gaza

AP , AFP , Wednesday 29 May 2024

Three Israeli occupation soldiers have been killed in Rafah during the ongoing fighting with Palestinian resistance groups in the southernmost city in Gaza, the Israeli army said Wednesday.

Palestinians fleeing from the southern Gaza city of Rafah during an Israeli ground and air offensive in the city , May, 2024. AP


Israeli media reported that the soldiers were killed when a booby trap exploded Tuesday, adding that three other soldiers were wounded.

Street fighting and Israeli bombardment rocked Gaza's far-southern Rafah on Wednesday, Palestinian residents and officials said, a day after Israeli tanks rolled into the centre of the city near the Egyptian border. 

Israel appears to be broadening its incursion, which has already caused over 1 million people to flee the city. Most had already been displaced earlier in the war.

The occupation army says at least 290 soldiers have been killed since the ground operation in Gaza began in October.

An AFP reporter said street battles raged and an Israeli helicopter fired guns and missiles at targets in Rafah's centre.

Hamas's military wing said it was firing rockets at Israeli troops.

"People are currently inside their homes because anyone who moves is being shot at by Israeli drones," said one Rafah resident, Abdel Khatib.

New bombing and combat also hit other areas of Gaza.

In the north, Israeli army vehicles unleashed intense gunfire east of Gaza City, an AFP reporter said, while residents reported air strikes on parts of Jabalia.

Three bodies were recovered from a family house in the southern city of Khan Yunis after it was hit by shelling, the civil defence agency said.

The Palestinian Health Ministry announced that Israel killed at least 75 Palestinians over the past 24 hours, adding that the Palestinian death toll in Gaza has risen to at least 36,171 people, mostly women and children.

The toll includes 81,420 wounded people since the war began on October 7.

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