'I will quit soon' says Egypt FA president Samir Zaher

Mahmoud Mohamed, Thursday 5 May 2011

Samir Zaher drops two bombs: he doesn't expect the Egyptian Cup to resume this year, and he will resign early, backing Hani Abou-Reda as his successor

Samir Zaher

Samir Zaher, current president of the Egyptian Football Association (EFA), reveals that he will resign before finalising the rest of his term to give a chance to the youth and mentioned he backs the association member, Hani Abou-Reda, to success him to lead.

“I will resign from my post soon to give the youth take their chance,” Zaher announced on a television programme, which would mean he would end his contract one year and a half early.

“The youth can lead the association and they can make useful changes” the 68-year old added.

Despite the fact that other Egyptian teams’ management had already asked Samir Zaher to leave his post because of his close ties with Egypt’s ousted president and regime, the announcement came as a shock.

Zaher revealed also that the Egyptian Cup probably won’t resume this year, but we will hold a meeting on Sunday to discuss the matter.

“I will meet with the FA members next Sunday to determine whether to resume the Egyptian Cup,” Zaher said, adding “I expect the tournament won’t resume this year.”

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