No canceling for league relegation system

Eslam Omar, Tuesday 12 Jul 2011

The Egyptian Football Association (EFA) discussed the future of Egyptian football during Tuesday’s general assembly with no mention made of canceling of relegation system

Samir Zaher
EFA president, Samir Zaher

The EFA under the presidency of Samir Zaher have confirmed, after Tuesday’s general assembly meeting, applying the same relegation system on this season of the Premier League despite protests from some clubs.

“Nothing said about canceling relegation system,” The EFA spokesman, Azmy Megahed confirmed to Ahram Online adding that “the competition started and ended with same condition that all clubs approved”.

The meeting also included the demands of the local clubs amid their current financial crisis resulted of the stoppage of the football activities in Egypt after the January 25 revolution that ousted former president Hosni Mubarak.

The general assembly was attended by 100 clubs discussing their visions for developing the future of Egyptian football.

The three relegated clubs, Smouha, Arab Contractor and Ittihad of Alexandria are struggling to get an exception to stay at the first division.

Tunisia, who witness similar circumstances like football resume and security concerns regarding hooliganism post-revolution, has decided last week to cancel relegation this season

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