Legendary footballer Abou-Treika urges Egyptians to vote Islamist

Ahram Online, Sunday 20 Nov 2011

Popular midfielder to vote for Muslim Brotherhood or Salifists in upcoming polls, urges fellow Egyptians to do likewise

Treika uncovers statement in solidarity with Palestinian struggle at African Cup 2008(Photo: Ahram archives)

Ahly midfielder Mohamed Abou-Treika on Saturday said he would cast his ballot for an Islamist candidate in upcoming parliamentary polls, calling on fellow Egyptian voters to follow suit.

“I tend to support Islamists in general, whether they’re Muslim Brotherhood or Salifist candidates. Islam is a system of life,” Abou-Treika said in a televised interview with Melody Sport.

“What do we have to lose by applying Islamic teachings and views to politics? I say we try it, then judge,” he added. “People fear Islam because they don’t trust the people who apply it, but Islamic values include freedom and justice.”

“Islam commands Muslims to treat non-Muslims in a kind and loving manner, whether they’re Christians or of another religion.”

While some reports have claimed that Abou-Treika is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, he remained tight-lipped about his political affiliations, refusing to comment on the speculation.

The 33-year-old, who led Ahly and the Egyptian national team to a host of titles, is widely popular among fans and the media for his reputation as a mild-mannered footballer.

Many young players, including former Ahly midfielders Mostafa Selim “Afrotto” and Amir Sayoud, said they considered Abou-Treika their role model in light of his known adherence to Islamic teachings.

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