Egyptian referees refuse TP Mazembe bribe

Eslam Omar, Wednesday 30 Mar 2011

CAF official confirms to Ahram that 4 Egyptian referees reported that the DR Congolese team threatened them with their lives when they refused to accept $10k bribe

Yasser Abdelraaoof

Egyptian referees of the round 32 of the African champion league match between DR Congo team TP Mazembe and Tanzanian Simba reported to the Confederation of African Football (CAF) that the Congolese side tried to bribe them before the match.

“Egyptian referees Yasser Abdel-Raouf, Ayman Deguesh, Tamer Salah and Fahim Omar submitted a report to the CAF informing them that they were offered a negotiable $10 thousand bribe to ease TP Mazembe’s mission against Simba,” A CAF official told Ahram Arabic Portal.

To make matters worse, after the Egyptian referees firmly rejected the corrupt deal they were threatened with death if they reported it. The referees couldn’t announce the offer until returned to Cairo.

TP Mazembe, the two-time African Champions League winner and the title holder, won the match 3-1 last weekend.

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