FIFA pairs Shehata with Chilavert

Eslam Omar, Sunday 26 Dec 2010

Egypt coach Hassan Shehata and Paraguayan goalkeeper, Luiz Chilavert, are much alike, according to

Hassan Shehata - Luiz Chilavert

The FIFA official website published the annual version of their popular feature “The things they said” highlighting the most important quotes of the year 2010.

The website compared Egypt coach Hassan Shehata with Paraguayan goalkeeper Luiz Chilavert by merging their quotes together. They claim that both football legends have the same kind of personality in which they speak their mind and rubbish superstition.

“Top Egyptian coach Hassan Shehata and Paraguayan goalkeeper legend Jose Luiz Chilavert both tend to speak their minds, and one thing they certainly have no truck with is superstition,” the feature said.

"Some are saying that I use magic and that all my results come from that. If that’s true, explain why I didn’t qualify for the World Cup? It’s just superstition," said a down-to-earth Shehata after missing out on qualifying for the World Cup after losing 1-0 to Algeria in a decider.

Chilavert went a step further, saying: "I never had any superstitions. They’re just excuses for the weak." 

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