World Cup only for the rich: Romario

AFP, Monday 15 Aug 2011

Former Brazil star Romario said Monday he believed the upcoming World Cup in his homeland would not engage normal Brazilians but be an event only for those with money


For the former striker, who tasted glory in 1994 with the Selecao, well-off people would get to enjoy the event and those coming in from abroad would also enjoy the competition.

But the less well-off would not be so fortunate, Ronario told RedeTv,

"Ticket (prices) will be absurd. So unfortunately the World Cup will not be for the Brazilian people. Brazilian people who like football, follow it passionately on a day-to-basis, are mainly from the C, D and E (social) classes," Romario stated.

In his view, they will not be able to afford to enjoy the jamboree.

Earlier this year, amid fears that Brazil's infrastructure will not be ready in time with massive upgrades of transport and also stadiums - most notably the Maracana - required, Romario said he believed the country would struggle to stage one of the best ever tournaments.

"Only Jesus could save the World Cup in Brazil. Only he could help Brazil stage the best ever," he commented.

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