Your guide to pronounce Euro 2016 players' names correctly

Ahram Online , Wednesday 8 Jun 2016

The 2016 European Championship is scheduled to be held in France from 10 June to 10 Jul

Jan-loo-ee-jee Boo-fon
Jan-loo-ee-jee Boo-fon presents a guide to the pronunciation of the names of all players at the 2016 UEFA European Championship finals.

The official site of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) published the guide Tuesday to help fans correctly pronounce the players' names for all 24 teams participating in the prestigious tournament



An umlaut on 'ä', 'ö' or 'ü' is comparable to 'ae', 'oe', 'ue' in English. Note: Joshua Kimmich – 'ich' as in "ich bin ein Berliner" rather than Baby You're A Rich Man.

Manuel Neuer – Noy-ah

Jérôme Boateng – Je-rom Bow-a-teng

Benedikt Höwedes – Hoe-ve-des

Joshua Kimmich – Kim-ikh

Antonio Rüdiger – Roo-digger

Emre Can – Kan

Mario Götze – Gert-suh



The commonly-made mistake is to pronounce a 'ch' like an English 'ch' – it is more like a 'k'. Lorenzo Insigne is a tough one to get spot on – linguists may note that his 'gn' works like a Spanish 'ñ'.

Gianluigi Buffon – Jan-loo-ee-jee Boo-fon

Federico Marchetti – Mar-kett-ee

Andrea Barzagli – Bar-zal-yee

Giorgio Chiellini – Jor-joh Key-eh-lean-ee

Mattea De Sceglio – Deh Shil-yo

Federico Bernardeschi – Ber-nar-desk-ee

Emmanuele Giaccherini – Em-an-well-eh Ja-ker-ee-nee

Éder – Eh-dair

Stephan El Shaarawy – El Sha-rah-wee

Lorenzo Insigne – In-sin-yuh

Graziano Pellè – Grat-zee-ah-no Peh-leh



Getting it exactly right is tough for the uninitiated, but the following pronunciations may get you a bit closer. César Azpilicueta's Chelsea team-mates famously nicknamed him 'Dave' to avoid the difficulty of pronouncing his surname.

Iker Casillas – Ee-ker Ca-see-yas

David de Gea – De-hay-er

César Azpilicueta – Ath-pili-coo-et-a

Héctor Bellerín – Bay-yer-reen

Juanfran – Hoo-an-fran

Gerard Piqué – Pee-kay

Mikel San José – San-ho-say

Sergio Busquets – Boo-skets

Cesc Fàbregas – Sesk

Koke – Ko-kay



One that may pose a challenge to the uninitiated – Tottenham's 22-year-old midfielder is a 'Dier', like someone who 'dies'.

Eric Dier – Die-er



Basic school French should help. Dimitri Payet's surname sounds like 'pie-ette' – equivalent to the sound of Liam Gallagher from Oasis saying "I ate".

Benoît Costil – Ben-wah Cos-teal

Hugo Lloris – Lyo-reece

Steve Mandanda – Stev Mon-don-dah

Lucas Digne – Loo-cah Dee-nyuh

Christophe Jallet – Ja-lay

Laurent Koscielny – Lo-ron Koss-sea-ell-nee

Eliaquim Mangala – El-ee-a-keam Mon-ga-la

Bacary Sagna – Ba-ka-ree San-ya

N'Golo Kanté – N-go-lo Kon-tay

Dimitri Payet – Di-mi-tree Pie-ette

Morgan Schneiderlin – Shnay-der-lan

André-Pierre Gignac – Andre-pee-air Jin-yack

Olivier Giroud – Ol-iv-ee-eh Ji-roo

Antoine Griezmann – On-twan Gree-ez-man

Anthony Martial – On-ton-ee Mar-sea-al


Basic German-language rules apply – note that an umlauted 'ä', 'ö' or 'ü' sound something similar to 'ae', 'oe', 'ue' in English.

Sebastian Prödl – Prur-dul

György Garics – Gior-jee Ga-ritch

Aleksandar Dragovic – Dra-go-vitch

Zlatko Junuzovic – Ju-nu-zo-vitch

Alessandro Schöpf – Sherpf

Marko Arnautovic – Ar-now-toe-vitch

Lukas Hinterseer – Hin-ter-say-er

Mark Janko – Yan-ko



Contrary to what most English speakers imagine, Portuguese sounds very different to Spanish. The 'r' at the start of Rui or Renato is a little bit like a rolled 'r' in French. The second vowel in 'Alves' and 'Gomes' gets squashed down into a 'sh' – e.g. Alvsh, Gomsh.

Anthony Lopes – Lop-us

Rui Patrício – Khoo-wee Pah-tree-see-oh

Bruno Alves – Alvsh

Pepe – Pep

Raphael Geirreiro – Gur-ray-roh

André Gomes – Gomsh

João Mario – Joo-ow

Renato Sanches – Khrenato

Vieirinha – Vea-ay-rea-niah

Ricardo Quaresma – Khri-car-do Qua-re-sh-ma



Swedish players in the Premier League have clearly become accustomed to having their names mispronounced.

Andreas Isaksson – Ee-sak-son

Victor Lindelöf – Lin-de-love

Martin Olsson – Ool-son

Albin Ekdal – Ee-ek-dal

Emil Forsberg – Fosh-berry

Kim Källström – Shell-strome

Marcus Berg – Berry

Emir Kujovic – Ku-yo-vitch


Full list of Euro teams is here

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