Hooligans trash airport to celebrate Napoli win

AFP, Sunday 2 Oct 2011

Napoli supporters turned their celebration into hooliganism

Napoli's fans celebrate during (Photo: AP)

A group of Napoli hooligans smashed windows, doors and check-in desks having gone to the Capodichino airport in Naples in the early hours of Sunday morning to greet their returning team, Italian news agency Ansa reported.

Around 500 fans went to the airport between 00.30am and 1.00am local time and covered all the exits waiting for the team to return from Milan, where they had beaten Inter 3-0, and leave by coach.

However, some of those fans entered the airport and went on the rampage.

One security guard was slighty hurt in trying to stop hooligans from breaking down a door.

Local and federal police were called in to provide reinforcements.

The team coach left the airport at 3.30am.          

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