Rivaldo quits Sao Paulo after coach extends contract

Reuters, Friday 2 Dec 2011

With not enough space for both coach Leao and Brazil’s 2002 World Cup winner Rivaldo on the Sao Paulo team, Rivaldo is off the team after Leao's contract was extended for another year


Brazil’s 2002 World Cup winner Rivaldo has quit Sao Paulo after the club extended the contract of controversial coach Emerson Leao for another year.

However, the former Barcelona, AC Milan, Deportivo Coruna and Olympiakos player said he planned to continue his career.

“The directors told me officially that I’m not continuing in the club next year.”

“It’s not my farewell from football, as I still have a lot of wood to put on the fire, I plan to continue my career until the end of 2012.”

Rivaldo, who joined the club this year after playing the previous three seasons in Uzbekistan, has fallen out of favour since former Brazil coach and goalkeeper Leao took over in October.

Leao, whose career has been littered with personality clashes, was given an extension despite an unspectacular start at the club.

“Although the results have not been very impressive for the time being, his day-to-day work has been very satisfactory,” said the club on its website (www.saopaulofc.net). 

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