Swimming: Michael Phelps talks to Congress about athlete drug testing

AP , Tuesday 28 Feb 2017

 Michael Phelps
US swimming champion Michael Phelps reacts during a press conference at the Molitor swimming pool on February 16, 2017 in Paris AFP

Michael Phelps is to be in Washington to speak out in support of more consistent drug testing for competitive athletes.

The retired swimmer is scheduled to testify on Capitol Hill on Tuesday before a congressional committee looking into ways to improve the international anti-doping system.

In a witness statement posted on the committee's website, Phelps expresses his frustration in seeing athletes he knows are cheating ''break through performance barriers in unrealistic time frames.'' While Phelps says the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency's demanding drug testing process ''takes a toll,'' he adds that it's worth it to ''keep the sport clean and fair.''

Phelps says he hopes one day that someone will break his record of 28 Olympic medals, but says that person needs ''a fair opportunity to compete.''

USADA CEO Travis Tygart was also scheduled to testify.

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