Squash: Darwish loses in Kuwait Cup final

Karim Farouk, Tuesday 29 Nov 2011

Egypt champion Karim Darwish lost to James Willstrop 3-1

James Willstrop beat Karim Darwish

In a replay of the Hong Kong Open final just a week ago, Englishman James Willstrop beat Egyptian Karim Darwish 3-1 on Tuesday in the Kuwait Cup final.

Willstrop had a good start and took a 1-0 advantage, 11/7. Darwish seemed better in the second game and fought hard to claim a 12/10 victory.

But then he totally lost his pace against a well determined Willstrop who got two easy wins 11/4 and 11/2.

“In the third I didn’t hit the wall physically, but mentally more. I was fine physically but I was just frustrated. I just couldn’t get the ball to the back of the court anymore,” Darwish said after the game.

“In the first two games, the ball was still alive, and I managed to get it to back the corners but from the third, the ball was just dead on that freezing court, and I couldn’t get in front of him and get any kind of length. And at that game, he is best in the world.

“Still, very happy with two finals in a row, it’s very positive and now I’m going to go home and get ready for India and the rest of the season,” he concluded.

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