Olympics: France expect 14 gold medals from London 2012

AFP, Tuesday 15 Mar 2011

French sports minister Chantal Jouanno has called on the country's athletes to bring back 14 titles from the 2012 Olympics, double the haul won in Beijing in 2008

France handball team celebrate winning the golden medal in Beijing 2008

Speaking at France's national sports institute (INSEP) in Paris to mark 500 days before the start of the London Games, Jouanno said: "The aim is to double the number of gold medals we won in Beijing, to 14.

"In Beijing, we won plenty of medals (40) but few golds (7). That means we have extraordinary potential, but plenty of room for improvement."

Jouanno reserved her harshest judgement for the country's women athletes.

"The women also have room for improvement. In Athens they won half of our medals even though they didn't number half of the total delegation," added Jouanno.

"In Beijing, however, they only won seven medals. We need more from London."

Jouanno said win bonuses would remain in place for London 2012, with 50,000, 20,000 and 13,000 euros awarded to winners of gold, silver and bronze medallists respectively.

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