INTERVIEW: Moroccan Ambassador to Egypt applauds country’s selection for 2030 World Cup

Amr Yehia , Monday 9 Oct 2023

Moroccon Ambassador to Egypt Ahmed Al-Tazi expressed in an interview with Ahram Online his pride in Morocco's inclusion alongside Spain and Portugal in hosting the 2030 World Cup, adding that he considers it a testament to Morocco's esteemed global standing.

 Ahmed Al-Tazi
Ambassador of Morocco to Egypt Ahmed Al-Tazi


Ambassador Al-Tazi, who is also the country’s representative at the Arab League, highlighted Morocco's illustrious football history and its noteworthy presence in numerous continental and international sporting events. He specifically noted the commendable achievement of the Moroccan national team's advancement to the semifinals of the 2022 World Cup.

The ambassador underlined the joy that swept through Morocco and friendly nations upon the announcement that the 2030 World Cup would be hosted in part in Morocco.

Ahram online: How did FIFA decide to include Morocco?

Ambassador Ahmed Al-Tazi: The tripartite file of Morocco, Spain, and Portugal was the strongest, and it gained everyone’s admiration and received a unanimous vote from the FIFA Council. It elevates the African and European continents to a new phase in relations, the title of which is cooperation and peace. These three countries are distinguished by their geographical proximity, moderate weather, security and stability, economic growth, and their peoples' passion for football and sports in general.

AO: What is your assessment of Moroccan football qualifications?

AT: Morocco has a great football history and has had a clear imprint in many continental and international sporting events, the most recent of which was the deserved arrival of the Moroccan national team in the semifinals of the 2022 World Cup, and the Moroccan women’s national football team’s outstanding performance reaching the round of 16 in the Women’s World Cup, which was recently held in Australia and New Zealand.

AO: What about Morocco’s infrastructure?

AT: Morocco has world-class infrastructure and facilities, including sports facilities, stadiums, hospitals, highways, and hotels. It also has a distinct strategic geographical location close to the five continents, so it will be easy for participating countries to transport their participating teams and their accompanying fans without much trouble.

Morocco also has great experience in organizing major international events and meetings across various fields such as the United Nations Trade Conferences GATT and COP22, as well as in the sporting field: the FIFA Club World Cup, the Africa Cup of Nations, and the World Diamond League Cup in Athletics, to name a few. 

We must not forget that the choice of Morocco to host this global football event came after it was chosen to host the 2029 Club World Cup, and one week after it was unanimously chosen to organize the 2025 African Nations Championship, which is a clear expression of the confidence of regional and international sports institutions in the ability of the Kingdom of Morocco to successfully organize continental and global tournaments.

AO: What are the benefits that Morocco expects to reap from participating in organizing this international football event?

AT: Preparations to host this event began a long time ago, demonstrating Morocco’s diligence and perseverance. The country has continued to work on developing its own capabilities, placing the sports sector at the heart of development projects across the country. Organizing this major event will result in the establishment of modern structures and facilities, including the construction of new sports stadiums and the expansion of others. The work will also create many job opportunities, develop skills, and create more experience in various artistic and technical fields.

This is not to mention how it will strengthen the bonds of solidarity between the Arab countries, strengthening the sense of pride in belonging to an Arab nation that extends from the ocean to the Gulf. It will also strengthen the ties between the Arab and European worlds, given that the demonstration will be jointly organized by Morocco, Spain, and Portugal.


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